Google New Page Experience Update and Core Vitals

Last week Google Webmaster Central Blog announced the introduction of a new page experience signal which will be used to rank web pages in the future

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book with marketing terms like content and seo

SEO in Post Covid-19 World: What Hoteliers Need to Know and Do

Falling organic traffic to your website does not mean SEO is redundant. On the contrary it is more important now than ever to focus on organic search

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Your Top 7 Hotel Digital Marketing Updates From May 2020

In this article we outline the top 7 hotel digital marketing updates that happened this May and look at how they might impact your business.

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Covid19 Recovery Toolkit – Outreach and Marketing Strategy

It’s not just what channels you’re on and which people you’re reaching, it’s important to think about the marketing message you use to inspire confidence

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lock under showing hotels are opening for business and can start driving revenue

Revenue Management after Covid-19 Lockdown: What hoteliers need to know for the upturn

It provides insight into planning and forecasting from a revenue management perspective, the foreseeable behaviour of different markets and resulting action

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Hotel Reopening and Recovery Playbook

Mobile usage continues to dominate in the hotel industry, so make sure your site has a mobile option that is fast and provides right customer experience

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Why Google Property Promotion Ads are Boon to Direct Sales and Threat to OTA’s

With Property Promotion Ads, Google continues to build an advertising system that combines several products: the aforementioned Ads, Hotel Ads and PPA

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Reputation Management During COVID-19: What It Is & How To Do It Well

Reputation management can become overwhelming in a hurry. You’ll need to have a presence anywhere you appear online, from Google My Business to Facebook

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Watch Your Language! Content in the New Hospitality Landscape

In the Amazon era, consumers expect to be served relevant content or offers based on what they’re looking for. Poorly managed content makes it impossible

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Your CRM System Will Determine How (and if) Your Hotel Recovers

Having a great CRM system, and using it to its fullest, is going to decide who thrives, who just survives, and who doesn’t make it moving forward

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