5 Hotel Branding Tips to Get More Direct Bookings

Read on to get insights into the power of hotel branding and how a compelling brand can build trust and ultimately help you grow your direct business

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a person clicking on a laptop and a pixelated hand reflecting importance of adopting automation in hotel digital marketing to develop great hotel booking journeys

7 Ways to Automate Great Hotel Booking Journeys

We outline how automation and A.I. can be used to save you time (and budget!) at every stage of the customer booking journey

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How Hotels Can Leverage Google EEAT to Boost Direct Bookings

Google evaluates websites based on Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (EEAT) as a metric of their quality

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Black Friday frenzy can be overwhelming for hotel marketeers

A Complete Timeline for Your 2023 Black Friday Campaign

Black Friday has the potential to overwhelm, so let’s walk through every step of the way to a successful hotel direct channel strategy! 

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Boosting Hotel Bookings on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

We’ll explore how hotels can drive bookings during Black Friday and Cyber Monday with a focus on direct bookings and digital marketing

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The Importance of Online Reviews in Hotel SEO Strategy

Let’s discuss how to best leverage online reviews to optimise your hotel SEO strategy. In particular, dealing with negative reviews

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A Hotelier’s Guide to Collecting and Using First-Party Data

For hoteliers, first-party data is essential as it comprises information collected directly from guests and website visitors

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data sets and charts reflecting importance of a data driven hotel action plans for hotel digital marketing

How Hotels Can Use Big Data for Better Digital Marketing Action Plans

Many hotel companies spend far too much time aggregating data and not enough time creating digital marketing action plans from the analysis

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5 Reasons Why Data is Critical for Hotel Marketers

The convergence of hotel marketer data, analytics, and guest expectations for personalized service are redefining the way hotels connect with their guests

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Tripadvisor Launches New Enhanced Marketing Text

Tripadvisor Enhanced Marketing Text is a new feature that enables advertisers to display custom marketing text on the hotel list and details pages

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