post it note with a hotel email marketing campaign idea

Email marketing is a component in marketing that is often overlooked, however it can be an excellent way to nurture your hotel’s relationship with its guests, which can cause them to come back time and time again.

NB: This is an article from Arise

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In fact, on average, email marketing efforts drive $36 for every $1 spent. Not only that, but the ROI is 4 times higher with email marketing compared to other marketing efforts such as social media or search campaigns, better yet if you take the time to test these campaigns it’s boosted by a further 28%.

So now we know the quick wins of email marketing, let’s delve in on some simple steps you can take to make sure you’re getting the most out of your hotel email marketing.

1: Segmenting Your Data

This is considered a foundational process for email marketing in the hotel industry, so if your hotel hasn’t segmented their data already, we’d recommend you doing so.

If you’re not quite familiar, segmentation is the process of dividing and separating email subscribers into groups or segments based on criteria. For hotels, this would mean gathering data from email subscribers that would commonly include age, location, purpose of travel (business or leisure), and preferences (room preferences, dining, etc.) and then analysing and identify any trends that occurs amongst them, to then ut them into segments of shared qualities.

An example for hotel segmentation could be: Business travellers, couples, families, or perhaps loyalty programme members.By carrying out audience segmentation, you will be able create more bespoke approaches with your hotel email marketing strategy, email campaigns can be made more personalised based on the audience segment it is intended for.

For example, you can promote exclusive family breaks only to your family segment, or perhaps special facilities intended for those who work away in the business travel category.

This can generate more conversions and higher ROI, and also prevents user dissatisfaction as they will only be receiving marketing that is relevant to their specific needs. 

2: Send-Time Optimisation

It might sound really simple, but the time in which you send off your email campaigns can really effect the amount of engagement you gain from your customers. Some email marketing platforms  actually show you the optimum send-times for your business in particular based one previous campaign performance, the last thing you want is to put loads of effort into well thought out email campaign for your hotel, for it to then not perform very well because you sent it out two hours too late/early.

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