Why Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) Matter for Hotels

Calculating customer acquisition costs is challenging. Costs are often distributed across departments and vary by channel

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5 blocks with one of a different colour reflecting the importance to hotels of understanding attribution models in google ads

Hotel Marketing: Understanding Attribution Models in Google Ads

We delve into the different attribution models available in Google Ads and offer valuable insights on what hoteliers should be cautious of

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pumpkin in a graveyard reflecting need for hotels to start quickly actioning their Halloween marketing plans

Fang-tastic Marketing Tactics For Halloween Hotel Festivities

Let’s take a closer look at a direct channel strategy that is driving higher website conversion rates and welcoming more guests for Halloween festivities

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6 Strategies For Crafting A Personalised Digital Guest Experience

We will look at why you should provide a personalised digital guest experience and what are some easy ways for you to get started straight away

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Creating A Hotel Website That Drives Direct Bookings

We share tips on how to create a hotel website that drives direct bookings based on many years of experience designing and developing optimised websites

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SEO Best Practices To Boost Your Hotel Website

With this return to travel, there is also a return of competition from OTAs and booking websites – making SEO optimisation for your hotel website crucial

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tiktok logo and follow button on mobile phone reflecting importance to hotels of their new search ads feature

Unveiling TikTok Search Ads: The Next Wave in Digital Advertising?

TikTok search ads are making waves. Having now been officially launched, this feature promises to reshape the contours of digital advertising

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laptop with a hotel website on the screen illustrating the power of website url customization

The Power of Website URL Customization in the Hotel Industry

Website URL customization might seem a minor technical detail, but it can have a significant impact on your hotel’s online success

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google analytics on a laptop used by proactive digital marketeers to identify ways to use google ads and drive hotel booking game

How we Transformed a Hotel’s Booking Game with Google Ads

Efforts have proven effective in enhancing campaign performance, demonstrating positive outcomes for the Hotel company’s booking goals

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Social Media Meets Google Business Profile: Here’s Why You Should Care

By adding social media links to your Google Business Profile, you’re creating a streamlined and engaging experience for your potential guests

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