How Booking Recovery Tools Can Make You Thousands In Revenue

Booking recovery tools can make your hotel thousands in direct revenue. Here’s a quick breakdown of how and why they work.

There are two different times when it’s vital to keep guests interested. Before they’re ready to book, and after abandoning your site mid-booking.

Today we’ll be talking about what happens after a user abandons a booking.

81% of online travel bookings are abandoned, according to SaleCycle, so it’s vital to address the problem.

When users abandon the bookings process without finishing, that’s not the end! There are tools to help you get them back.

In fact, our bookings recovery tool help hotels recapture up to 33% percent of lost bookings. While that isn’t the norm, even half a dozen recaptured bookings can mean thousands in revenue.

Booking recovery tools mean your guests – and you – get a second chance. Easily create an on-screen pop up or send an automated follow up email to remind them what they’re missing out on, and watch your conversion rate soar.

There are other important booking recovery tools and methods you should use here, especially remarketing. Today, though, we wanted to focus on the most direct methods of recapturing lost bookings. For a thorough look at remarketing, here’s a guide.

Here’s how on-screen pop ups and automated follow up emails work:

On-Screen Pop Ups

On-screen pop ups remind guests what they’re missing out on when they’re just on the verge of abandoning.

These prompts can be shown to users based on ‘exit intent’ or ‘page inactivity’. If a user starts to exit the window they’re making the booking in, you can present a last-minute prompt, and encourage them to remain in the booking funnel.

Simply re-enforcing a ‘book direct’ message can keep people with the booking funnel and reduce mobile cart abandonment.

Here are a few examples of what on screen pop ups might look like:

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