Instagram Giveaway for Your Hotel

After analyzing your hotel’s Instagram, you decide it needs more engagement. You’ve done some research and you think it might be good to host a giveaway, but you’re not sure where to start. So, what kind of giveaway should you do? What will benefit your hotel the most?

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the different possibilities. No need to worry though because we’ll help you sort through the options. This guide will help you choose the best Instagram giveaway for your hotel including exploring different types of contests, the level of difficulty for the user, the individual success rates, and what size account is a good fit for each giveaway type.

Instagram’s giveaway rules:

Before we talk about the different types of giveaways, let’s make sure you fully understand Instagram’s rules. This is only a summary, so please make sure you read the complete rules and regulations before proceeding with your giveaway.

  1. First thing is to make sure you clearly post the official rules of your giveaway.
  2. Next, outline the offer terms and eligibility requirements.
  3. Lastly, Instagram requires you to include something stating that they are in no way associated with your giveaway and they cannot be held responsible for any wrong doings during the contest.

Best Instagram giveaway:

I love winning free things, and I’m sure you do too, which is why hosting contests can be a fun way to engage with your audience. The best place to start a giveaway is by having a goal. Your goal can even be as simple as increasing your followers or driving more traffic to your hotel’s website. Once you’ve chosen a goal, it becomes easier to choose the right contest.

Now let’s go over some of the best giveaways. The contests are broken down into sections below and are based on how many Instagram followers your hotel has. The first step in creating an Instagram giveaway is choosing the right photo to post. Either use a photo from your hotel, the prize you’ll be giving away, or a generic photo saying something like “giveaway.”

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