two guests at hotel one on their mobile possibly using the contactless check-out option

Contactless arrival and departures can seriously streamline hotel operations.

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Hotel mobile check out solutions let guests skip the front desk entirely. By putting the check-out process in your guest’s hands – literally – you can cut down on paperwork, wait times, and staff headaches. Self-service guest solutions are a win-win for hotels.

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There are three ways to provide a contactless check-out experience for guests:

  1. Self-service kiosks in the lobby
  2. Mobile web check-in via an emailed link
  3. Dedicated mobile app

The third possibility, a mobile app, is the only way to provide a truly contactless check-in and check-out. A mobile app generates a hotel digital key so, guests can skip the front desk entirely and then receive a full receipt at the end of their stay via email.

Regardless of what route you go, contactless options are becoming the norm. They’re even expected, with many younger travelers expecting to do everything on their phones to limit in-person interaction.

Mobile solutions increase productivity and reduce complications. Here are 8 reasons to consider a hotel mobile app to streamline guest departures.

  1. Reduce crowds
    If your check-out time is 10 AM, your lobby probably tends to get crowded at that time. Giving guests the ability to check out on their phones will significantly reduce the number of people in your lobby at that time. A quieter lobby increases both guest and staff happiness!
  2. Reduce wait times
    Reducing crowds also means reducing guest wait times for all requests! Most check-outs are straightforward and can be completed in a streamlined, automated process online. This means that guests coming down to the lobby for other issues or complicated requests will wait for less time before seeing your staff.
  3. Reduce complaints and negative reviews
    How many complaints or negative reviews does your hotel receive because guests had to wait too long or didn’t get the level of service they expected? Mobile solutions help because they help meet guest demands with fewer resources.
  4. Reduce paper and plastic use
    Hotel mobile check-out solutions help improve sustainability at hotels. Most printed receipts and plastic guest cards are tossed within minutes of handing them over to a guest at check out or check-in. Make that plastic key card digital and automatically email receipts rather than printing them out.
  5. Increase efficiency
    Mobile solutions improve the accuracy of data across your digital systems. Checking in and out via mobile app creates a unique guest profile that feeds back to your PMS. It also automates the repetitive tasks of the check-out process, alleviating stress at the front desk.
  6. Increase guest satisfaction
    Staff shortages have become the norm across the hospitality industry. According to some experts, up to 87% of hotels in North America are short-staffed. The advantage of mobile solutions is that they can provide a level of service your busy staff doesn’t have time to provide. Let guests choose their own departure time and see satisfaction ratings go up!
  7. Increase revenue
    Increase revenue overall by cutting costs (staff, paper, resources) and improving ancillary revenue! Give guests the ability to book and use your amenities, choose upgrades to their stay, and more. You’ll gain revenue from services staff who are too busy to book and from services desk-shy younger travelers who are unlikely to book in person.
  8. Increase guest loyalty
    Better guest experiences create repeat guests. Once your guests download your hotel app, they also have a straightforward way to book directly with you right in their pocket. Keep guests up to date with your hotel via email and SMS marketing that directs them to your dedicated mobile app.

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