travellers in the inspiration stage trying to work out where to go and plan their trip

Contrary to what many say, the guest journey doesn’t start in the booking moment anymore. It begins in the inspiration stage, where travellers are still deciding where to go. For example, just like Violette, a person watches a TikTok video of their favourite influencer going to a hotel in a certain city, showing the perks and the landscapes.

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Next, the person is researching on their own about the city and ends up booking in the same hotel of the video, completely influenced by it.

The inspiration stage is the moment when the idea of a trip is just a seed in your mind. It’s all about possibilities. Now, with social media and digital marketing, hotels and destinations have the power to be part of this dreaming phase.

Whether it’s through Instagram posts or TikTok videos, potential travellers start to picture themselves in places they’ve never been. Do you have friends around you who booked a trip simply because of a Taylor Swift concert? Yes, concerts, events, festivals can all be a lodestar to travel destinations now.

Therefore, the marketing team at your property needs to pay attention to this stage of the guest journey if you want to make the travellers stop scrolling and start bookings.

Here are 5 easy steps to help you master this stage and turn dreamers into guests, and guests into loyal advocates.

Step 1: Rethink social media

Social media is evolving faster than ever. Platforms change, audiences migrate, and content preferences shift. For instance, while millennials may have grown up with Facebook as their primary social network, Gen-Z spend all day in TikTok and BeReal. And how about threads, X, Douyin and more? This shift demands a strategic reassessment of how we engage with travellers on these channels.

Beyond just picking the right channels, adapting your content to align with the preferences of these platforms is crucial. This means crafting messages that resonate with the intended audience, using the right formats and the correct tone.

A key aspect of TikTok, for example, is authenticity. Users are drawn to content that feels genuine rather than overly polished or salesy. Stories, user-generated content, and behind-the-scenes looks can be more appealing than edited hotel pictures. Video is king in this social network, already showing you how you could positionate your property in this landscape.

Step 2: Leverage the right platforms

To truly master the inspiration stage, it’s essential to be present where your potential guests are seeking information. For example, travel blogs remain a trusted source for many travellers, but TikTok is also gaining force as a different kind of search engine.

Collaborating with or contributing to well-known travel blogs can introduce your brand to a wide range of readers. Moreover, make sure these blogs rank high on search engine results to reach more audiences. There are multiple SEO tactics you can utilise, such as keyword optimization, backlinking and more, which helps improve your ranking and visibility.

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