5 factors propelling hotel distribution

Experts speaking the NYU International Hospitality Industry Investment Conference said technology is driving change for hotel distribution.

Here are some of the top takeaways from the “Distribution Dilemma” panel at the conference.

1. Mobile is where the action is
The common refrain in any discussion about distribution today is that mobile bookings are taking off in a huge way, and panelists said that should be a huge driver in putting together plans as a hotel company or online travel agency.

“I know many companies say this, but digital—and in particular mobile—is a priority for us,” said Drew Pinto, SVP of distribution for Marriott International. “We know what guests are looking for in a mobile experience, and that goes from those early considerations to post-stay. It’s definitely important to us.”

Lou Zameryka, director of global accounts for Booking.com, said companies need to put more work into the mobile experience after the actual booking.

“You can find a great hotel in the location you want and book it, so now it’s about what happens next,” he said. “A trip isn’t just ‘I want to go to a hotel.’ Guests need things pre-stay. They need to communicate with the property or Booking.com during the stay. If the hotel is your home base (during a trip), they should be in communication with (the guest).”

2. Tech needs to provide insights
The omnipresence of technology means hotels have an unprecedented amount of data and information on guests. Panelists said hoteliers must use that information to improve service.

“Personalization is everything,” said Melissa Maher, SVP of the global partnership group for Expedia.

Pinto said guest “recognition is key.”

“The key for us is as much customer insight as we can get,” he said.

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