Why Social Media is Important to Your Hotel Marketing

I have two questions regarding your hotel’s social media:

  1. Are you taking advantage of these FREE marketing resources?
  2. Are you aware of what you’re leaving on the table if you’re not using social media?

If your answer is no to both questions – or yes to the first and no to the second – we have some work to do.

NB: This is an article from Fuel Travel

In a day and age where consumers are living digitally, social media is wildly important to your hotel’s marketing strategy. It’s a resource that is not only free to use but also provides a platform for you to be authentic, share your brand, build a following, and engage with your guests and potential guests!

Here are the Top 3 Things You Should Be Doing On Social Media and why they are important to your hotel marketing strategy.

1 | Social Media Platforms You MUST Have A Presence On

Almost half the world’s population is using social media, and of those about two-thirds are using Facebook. That’s a whole-lotta-people you are missing out on targeting if you’re not consistently posting on Facebook.

According to our 2019 Leisure Travel Study, over the last year, almost 40% of hotel guests looked at the property’s Facebook page prior to booking a room. And when it comes to Millenials, a whopping 52% are also looking at Facebook before booking. In an ideal marketing world, the top three social media platforms we suggest hotels have a presence on are Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

  • Facebook is the most widely used social media platform out there.
  • Instagram is a great place to reach the 35-and-under audience and allows you to build a collection of great on-brand photos.
  • YouTube is a useful tool because people love video and you can showcase your property in a creative way. It can also be used with paid marketing tactics.

2 | Your Hotel’s Social Media Content

There are three rules of thumb when it comes to creating content for your hotel’s social media accounts:

  1. Be authentic
  2. Be on-brand.
  3. Be consistent.

You want to create content that not only is authentic and informs your guests but also creates a sense of experience. Don’t focus on trying to “sell.” Instead, focus on what makes your hotel great and why your guests love staying there (this is all part of your brand)! Here are a few ideas when it comes to creating content and posts:

  • Post or Facebook Live events at your hotel while they are happening
  • Showcase an amenity or room at your property
  • Suggest nearby attractions or restaurants (also a great partnering opportunity)
  • Post upcoming events happening in the area
  • Post eye-catching photos of your property

Now let’s talk about consistency; you can’t just hop in and post willy-nilly or every once in a while. Be consistent, have a plan, and be sure to follow through.

Pro-tip: create a monthly calendar with sections for content, images, and links to post. If you’re planning on using Facebook or Instagram Live, just make a note in the content column for those days. Then preload and schedule as many posts as you can for the month.

Crown Reef and Landmark Resort Social Media Posts

*Great examples of social media posts from local Myrtle Beach resorts.

3 | Hotel Social Media Key Factor: Engagement

None of this means anything if you aren’t engaging with the following you’re building via social media. It’s probably the single most important factor when it comes to running your hotel’s social media. 

And why wouldn’t you want to? This is your opportunity to ask your guests and potential visitors questions, respond to reviews and generally interact with your audience in an authentic way. 

Responding to reviews is another great opportunity for you to right a wrong or thank someone for leaving positive feedback. Though not every guest may have the best experience, future guests can see how you handle and respond to someone’s not-so-pleasant experience, and can ultimately lead to that guest potentially giving your hotel another shot.

What’s even better, your visitors have a forum to leave great reviews and comments, share their experience in a genuine way, and have positive interactions with potential and current guests.

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