hotel swimming pool can be a key feature and these can be leveraged by independent properties through loyalty programs

Independent hotel loyalty programs can be incredibly beneficial because they drive direct bookings and help increase revenue per room, as well as boosting retention rates.

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Plus, with the right incentives, as an independent hotelier you can help ensure that guests stay with you instead of the competition. There are many benefits to starting a loyalty program, which we’ll look at in more detail in this article, as well as different examples of successful programs that already exist.

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So, keep reading to discover more about loyalty programs and how to make them effective at your hotel.

What benefits can an independent hotel loyalty program provide?

While it can be a challenge for independent hotels to push their programs as they are competing with chain hotels who have a network of hotels and brands across the globe, when done right, loyalty programs can be an ideal way to get guests to keep staying at your structure time and time again. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some benefits you can provide.


As an independent hotel you don’t have an entity that oversees your actions or decisions, so this means that you can be as transparent as you want about blackout dates, how to redeem rewards, and what guests need to do to capitalize on those rewards.

This transparency is a huge benefit because guests will know what to expect out of your program, and this in turn inspires trust. And trust is ultimately the key to engaging loyal guests.

The benefit of trial and error

The lack of corporate standards also gives you the flexibility of trial and error.  You can check in with your loyal guests and see what kind of benefits they would like to see, modify existing benefits, and keep checking back on satisfaction levels.

This benefit of trial and error is huge for your guests because it means they can be active participants in creating the ideal program, and engagement is key to drive any effective program.

Knowing your guest

No one knows their guests better than an independent hotel. Staff and hoteliers have the chance to interact with their guests on a daily basis, asking them for feedback, finding out guest pain points and addressing them before they become a problem. This same deep knowledge of guest profiles can be applied to the loyalty program. Discover how to make guest profiles.

Knowing what your guests want allows you to better personalize the program and offer benefits and perks you know your guests will like, and even asking for their feedback about perks they would like to see. This also gives you advantage over chain hotels who offer generic perks you can find at any hotel.

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