traveller looking at hotel reviews on a laptop reflecting importance of reputation management and it's impact on driving hotel revenue

Today, more than ever, people research any service or future purchase online before making a decision because they can easily access information through many devices and channels.

  • 51.4 % of travelers prefer to scan feedback going directly to the source – the website of the hotel.
  • The second preferred platform for consulting feedback is Google – used always or often by 47.5% of respondents.

NB: This is an article from TrustYou

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Why Didn’t My Guest Leave a Review?

As you can see, in the age of the Internet, (the act of) leaving a review is literally at the tip of our fingertips. Knowing all this, you are probably wondering why your hotel guests don’t always give feedback after their stay.

Here are some of the possible reasons why they are not writings reviews:

It takes too much time and they don’t see the point in leaving a review.

Time is precious and it is no different when it comes to giving feedback. People value their time. That is why almost half of the review readers consider the efforts of leaving feedback too high. Not seeing any value in their evaluation is another reason why 16% of travelers are not giving their feedback after their stay.

You didn’t send them a survey/form and they don’t know where to leave a review.

35.1 % of review readers are not leaving reviews because they are not aware that there’s a survey or don’t know where to leave a review.

To receive reviews from your guests, you need to clearly ask them for feedback. The good news is that you can choose to send them either a Live Survey or a Post-Stay Survey. With a Live Survey you can encourage your guests to share their feedback by distributing the URL and QR code on printed material or once the guests connect to your WiFi. Whether you place the promotion in the lobby, restaurant, or guest room, it is a great way to encourage live communication with your guests.

To keep the communication open after they leave you could simply ask for guest feedback by sending them a Post-Stay Survey. Your guests receive many emails every day, so it is better if you tell guests why they are receiving a survey. This way, they are more likely to provide feedback. For example, you could let them know to expect your survey and tell them this: “After your stay, we will email you a short survey so that you can give us feedback about your visit. It should not take more than five minutes to fill out”.

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