Why apps are worth the effort for travel


NB: This is an article by Jon Hudson, Criterio‘s Head of Mobile, Americas

That consumer browsing and buying behaviour of travel is changing is now fact. In many places, the days of researching and booking a holiday on a single device is a thing of a past. We know this from analysing billions of travel buyer transactions that travel buyers hop from one device to another to view the same destination.

This behaviour is particularly marked in the US where nearly four-in-ten transactions involve multiple devices, and a third are completed on a mobile device. But it’s a similar story elsewhere, according to our regular Mobile Commerce Report, which finds that in many countries at least half of all transactions are now cross device.

The mobile app story is shaping up well for advertisers too – well for those that are properly funded and managed. Here is why:

  • Apps generate as much as 54% of mobile bookings for advertisers!
  • They also perform better than the mobile web at all points on the path to purchase
  • App users spend more per sale than both mobile and desktop bookers – a huge opportunity for travel brands.
apps convert better than desktop

But, and this is a very big but, with so many apps out there, the competition for real estate on a user’s smartphone is tough and its only getting more competitive.

More and more firms are moving to mobile and more people are using mobile devices to book. From Criteo’s Travel Flash Report here are some things you may need to know:

  • Mobile accounts for most of the overall growth in travel bookings, as the share of mobile booking has doubled worldwide
  • The booking device of choice depends on many factors including time of day, day of the week, duration of stay and type of travel
  • Smartphones account for a remarkable 47% of same-day hotel bookings (58% if tablets are included)

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