travelers planning a holiday on a laptop and reviewing hotel criteria

We asked ourselves the following question: what are travelers’ criteria for choosing a hotel?

NB: This is an article from Experience Hotel

How important is e-reputation for hotels? What is the impact of their presence in a guide, of their ecological commitment? And what do travelers think of fluctuating hotel rates?

Today, the Internet is the main source of information for travelers looking for hotels: 86% of leisure travelers, 45% for corporate clients.

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Based on research and feedback from our clients, we have listed 7 key selection criteria for your potential clients when choosing a hotel to stay in.

1st criteria for selecting a hotel: location

The first criterion for selecting a hotel, for all types of clientele, is its geographical location.
While leisure travelers are quite willing, at least in certain situations, to be accommodated up to a few kilometers from their final destination, business travelers prefer their hotel to be located near their meeting place, on a convenient route, or in the city center where they can easily find restaurants or various activities in the evening.

2nd criteria for selecting a hotel: price

The second criterion for selecting a hotel is price. If we go back to the figures from 2017, 58% of customers put this criterion first, compared to 74% today, which means that the feeling about price has increased significantly.

But be careful, this does not necessarily mean that customers are looking for the cheapest, but rather for an offer that corresponds to the budget they have set.

For similar services, they choose the property with the lowest rates.

Recently, customers have also become accustomed to yield management (which makes prices fluctuate according to supply and demand on a daily basis). Nowadays, just like when you go on sale and wait for the price of a product to drop without missing it (before it is sold out), customers cancel and rebook if they see that the rate has dropped.

That said, many people do not understand and do not agree with the big differences in rates from one period to another, for example when rates go from one to four times during certain high demand periods.

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