Time pressure on mobile path to travel purchase

Few people doubt the travel industry maxim that consumers using mobile devices are more typically under time-pressure than those using laptops or desktops.

But how does time pressure affect consumer behavior?

That’s the question addressed in a new article by Dan Ariely, a Duke University professor who studies behavioral economics and who is a three-time New York Times bestselling author.

He was commissioned to write the article by Think with Google, the B2B marketing content arm of the search giant.

Ariely uses a travel example to explain.

“Let’s consider two scenarios of booking a hotel room. One involves Robert, who is on his mobile phone but not under any time pressure, and the other involves Tom, who is using mobile on-the-go and feeling time pressure.”

“Robert is sitting on his comfy couch at home. He knows he’s traveling on business next week and while watching TV and playing with his dog, he reaches for his phone to decide on a hotel.

“He has time while browsing to toggle back-and-forth among different hotel options, considering and contrasting the benefits of different hotels to weigh the convenience of location near his meeting versus the ability to earn hotel points at his preferred chain, with a guaranteed king-size bed, nonsmoking room—and also a gym…..”

“Tom is also on his mobile phone and needs to book a hotel room, but he’s at the Denver airport. He had a late connection and just missed the last flight out for the night. He needs to book a hotel room for tonight! He’s hoping to get one of the last available hotel rooms while calling his wife to rearrange child care drop-offs for the morning, and postponing his next morning’s team meeting because he won’t be there in time.

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