The Three Essential Components of True Hotel CRM


NB: This is an article by Cendyn/ONE

There is a fair amount of confusion in the hotel industry regarding CRM. If you asked five hospitality executives how they define CRM you would likely get five different answers. Some might say it was an email marketing system and others that it was a contact management system or guest engagement platform. None of these answers are wrong but they are all missing the full picture. At Cendyn/ONE we have developed our CRM platform specifically for hotels and resorts and believe that true, enterprise Hotel CRM requires three core components (as shown above).

1) Enhanced Guest Profiles – This can only be accomplished via a central data intelligence warehouse, stitching all of your disparate data silos together in a central location to provide a Single Version of Truth, including guest history, value, preferences, behavior, satisfaction, and intent. Cendyn/ONE has over 100 pre-configured interfaces connecting to a full-range of PMS, CRS, Call Center, POS, Ticketing, Sales, Spa, F&B, and Marketing systems that enable you to centralize and segment your guest data like never before.

2) Communication Automation – Now that you have a centralized view of your guest you need to turn that data into action. That action can be taken in two ways. The first is through Marketing Automation, leveraging what you know about your guests to drive automated, personalized, and highly-targeted marketing messages, across any digital channel: email, display, mobile, social, and video. The second is through Data Automation, pushing guest profiles and preferences to the front lines of your business to enable your hotel staff to have deeper, more meaningful interactions when they are face-to-face with your guests. From a simple “welcome back Ms. Smith, we have missed you,” to pre-selecting her preferred room, or even providing the perfect in-room amenity based on her preferences, data automation can have a dramatic impact on the guest experience.

3) Guest Intelligence and Analytics – You need to measure the impact of your data intelligence strategy and continuously optimize and improve performance. Our reporting center provides a 360 degree view of your guest throughout the entire guest lifecycle. With 100 pre-built reports arranged by brand/property department and/or job function, unlimited ad-hoc reporting, and customizable real-time dashboards, you have a centralized view of marketing performance and guest engagement across your entire enterprise.

The hospitality industry is complex and presents unique challenges and opportunities that are best addressed by technology solutions specifically designed from the ground up for our industry, by people from our industry. At Cendyn/ONE, we understand your business and we build innovative cloud-based software products that address the unique challenges you face every day. Find out what True Hotel CRM can do for your hotel(s) and schedule a demo with us today.

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