thumbnail image of coffee time discussion with apo demirtas of hoteliq about the way hotels forecast, why it is done wrong and is outdated

Why the Way Hotels Forecast is Wrong and Outdated

Welcome to another of our Coffee Time chats. Today we talk about the way Hotels Forecast and why the current method is wrong and outdated

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different sizes of burgers showing different fillings like hotels can embrace attribute based selling

Attribute Based Selling: It’s Time to Define it for the Hotel Industry

With attribute-based selling, hoteliers can sell every room attribute separately, instead of the traditional method of offering rooms by just room type

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Commercial Transformation: How to Level Up Your Hospitality Organization

Hoteliers should consider assembling a cross-functional commercial strategy team to review and adjust strategies based on macro environmental changes

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Break The ‘Silo Mentality’ With a Successful Commercial Strategy

Now is the time to develop a holistic mindset and commercial strategy, driven by real-time data, which bridges the gaps between your departmental silos

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5 Ways Hotel Sales Teams Can Be More Productive in 2022

The priority for many hotels is to increase sales productivity. Most hotel sales teams are stretched thin and struggle to rebuild and handle multiple duties

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person on the phone at hotel front desk managing guest communications for the modern traveler

Everything You Need to Sell Rooms Smarter in 2022

From direct bookings and OTAs to pricing strategies and guest experience, here are four major areas to help build an effective rooms distribution strategy

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5 Sales Strategies to Win More Business in 2022

Many questions are on the minds of hospitality leaders as they think about 2022 and strategize new, creative ways to generate revenue. NB: This is an article from Amadeus While […]

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Running an Efficient Reservations Department

How can you run a reservation department short-staffed and still be able to offer elevated guest service and increased revenues?

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Leveraging Your Hotel Guest App to Maximize Revenue Streams

Besides using a guest app for core checkpoints such as check-in, checkout, it also has the capacity to become your No.1 marketing and sales channel

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Why Invest in Hotel Booking Follow-Up Sales Strategy?

It is important a hotel takes initiative and follows up with potential guests throughout the entire booking process. This increases the chances of success

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