coins being added to a glass jar with the shoot of a plant growing from the top reflecting the value of hotel price integrity in revenue management

Price Integrity in Hotel Revenue Management: Strategies and Tips

The objective of price integrity is to ensure transparency and avoid misleading customers with incorrect or unjustified pricing information

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hedges in shapes of house with leaves reflecting letters spelling out the word pricing reflecting importance of a hotel pricing strategy for peak, middle-season, and off-peak periods

Hotel Pricing Strategies for Peak, Middle-Season, and Off-Peak

Hotel pricing is a dynamic process influenced by various factors, including location, competition, customer preferences, and seasonality

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Marketing’s Role in Holistic Revenue Management

Do we give the same attention and budget to other revenue drivers? Whose job is it to optimize profit across these segments? Sales, Marketing, Revenue?

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luxury hotel guests at a resort in maldives could be considered as not digital first customer but that is wrong

Think Your Guests are Too Luxurious for Digital? Think Again

Many luxury hotel GMs believe that ‘digital’ is contrary to the brand image of their premium product in the mind of their affluent guests

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To Refund or Not to Refund?

Confronted with unimaginable numbers of cancellation requests and refund claims, for the main part the industry reacted sympathetically to customers

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Hotel Market Shows Continued Resilience with Focus on Luxury

The hospitality sector, in particular, is sensitive to current challenges in the broader economy: rising interest rates, higher inflation and a tight labor market. NB: This is an article from […]

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How to Leverage Packages on Your Booking Engine

Well-crafted descriptions of your hotel packages can help differentiate you from competitors and persuade guests to choose your hotel over others

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How Hoteliers Revenue Manage Different Room Types

Different booking patterns, changing guest preferences and new technology come together as hotel revenue managers work out room rates as well as upgrades

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Loyalty Programs Could Help Soften Impact of Economic Downturn

Loyalty program members has grown faster than total room supply over the past 10 years, helping to expand the potential base of guests

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How to Prevent Revenue Leaks

There are several sources of revenue leakage in the hotel industry,. Addressing these can significantly impact a hotel’s financial performance

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