How do Restrictions Work in Hotel Revenue Management

By managing restrictions, one has the ability to set controls over which bookings are accepted on specific dates or rate types. NB: This is an article from Rateboard For example, […]

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5 Big Things That Keep Hotel Sales Managers Up at Night

Most hotel sales teams find themselves staring at a wall that is covered in misplaced darts, with only a select few hitting the target despite their efforts

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Is Your Hotel Revenue Management Strategy Working?

If your hotel’s bottom line is bottoming out, it’s time to revise your revenue management strategy—or put one in place!

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two puzzle pieces coming together reflecting the missing link between data analytics and dynamic pricing

The Missing Link Between Data Analytics and Dynamic Pricing

Using real-time data analysis and dynamic pricing strategies, hotels can tailor their offers to guest preferences increasing conversions and direct booking

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man looking at a hotel website on a computer maybe considering his willingness to pay for the higher rates or additional services

Maximising Hotel Profitability by Measuring Willingness to Pay

The concept of willingness to pay (WTP) relates to how much a guests are prepared to pay for a room and for each of your ancillary services

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Hotel Website Design Tips to Drive Direct Bookings

A well-designed website can be a powerful tool for hotels to differentiate themselves in a highly competitive online marketplace

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Increase Your Direct Bookings with 6 Powerful Urgency Tactic

Here are a few examples of urgency tactics. Each of these leverages the psychology of urgency to drive conversions and increase sales.

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The Power of Dynamic Pricing in the Hotel Industry

Dynamic pricing, also known as time-based pricing, is a revenue-management strategy, involving real-time price adjusting on the basis of demand and supply

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blocks being stacked in the same way hotels can package their products to drive greater revenue through attribute based selling

Attribute-Based Selling: What’s in it for me?

Attribute-Based Selling is the logical step forward. It improves guest satisfaction, brand distinction, cart value, conversion and delivers more revenue

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a reception sign often found at small independent hotels

Do Smaller, Independent Hotels Need an Automated RMS?

Did you know that hotels using automated pricing solutions, on average, experience a 22% increase in revenue and 4% increase in ADR?

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