Are Reviews Part of Your Revenue Growth Strategy in the New Era

The more data you can connect to understand how it affects your performance, guest experience, and revenue, the better

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A Five Year Hotel Financial Plan is Daunting But It’s All in Your Head

Make your plan as complete as possible and do not imagine you are a superstar hotelier that is capable of operating your hotel without the necessary costs

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6 Easy Tips to Generate More Revenue in Your Hotel

How can your organization effectively price and forecast in ways that maximize revenue? And what other options do you have for generating more revenue?

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man standing by a board with graphs and charts reflecting the purpose of revenue management and how to implement it

Focus on These Hotel Revenue Management KPIS to Increase Profitability

Which hotel revenue management KPIs should you focus on more so than others? We’ll touch on seven KPIs that you want to track for your hotel

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Top ways to Improve your Gift Voucher Sale this Festive Season

While monetary vouchers perform best, create multiple gift voucher options, as well as themed value-added vouchers that are available to use in need periods

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The Revenue Management Needs of Different Hotel Stakeholders

In order to ensure that all hotel stakeholders are aligned, it is important to understand their revenue management ‘wants’ and hear them in their own words

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Winter Might Be Coming, But Spring Can Still Bloom for Hotels veit meier berner+becker interview YouTube Thumbnail

Winter Might Be Coming, But Spring Can Still Bloom for Hotels

We look at how global economic factors might influence different traveller attitudes and why hotels must revisit some basic revenue management principles

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Why You Should Use Channel Forecasting To Drive Hotel Profits

Effective channel strategy and management require going beyond decision-making using stale growth revenue reports generated at month’s end

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What is Price Segmentation

By implanting a successful price segmentation strategy, you can extract a greater portion of the consumer surplus in the form of untapped revenue and profits

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christmas tree at a luxury hotel reflecting the importance now to boost direct bookings over the festive season

‘Tis the Season to Boost Your Hotel’s Direct Bookings

Now is the time to take the reins and boost your direct bookings. We ho ho hope these examples inspire you to create your most festive holiday campaign

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