blocks being stacked in the same way hotels can package their products to drive greater revenue through attribute based selling

Why Group Revenue Management is Key to Maximize Revenue and Profitability

Revenue managers must fully examine current and future group demand, transient displacement, available guestroom and meeting space, and non-room revenue

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icons on mobile phone including well known otas expedia and booking reflecting proliferation of options beyond hotel direct bookings

OTAs: The Pros and Cons of Working With Them

Working with OTAs can enhance your revenue management and distribution channel strategies, but there are also some downsides

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Escape KPI Paralysis: Streamline Your Hotel’s Performance Metrics

Three essential aspects should be considered in-depth when deciding on the crucial KPI metrics for a specific hotel

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Is It Worth Independent Hotels Having a Loyalty Program?

With the OTAs competing more aggressively with independent hotels, it’s key for an independent hotelier to consider the benefits of a loyalty program

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Traveler Cost Concerns Forcing Hoteliers to Rethink Rate Strategies

Commercial strategy teams should use future pricing strategies and group bookings to build base, then optimize rate to blend in transient business

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Hotel Direct Booking Video 2 Thumbnail image for discussion with Userguest Cendyn and Cloudbeds about making your hotel website more appealing and sticky

Hotel Direct Booking (Pt2): Make Your Website Appealing (Sticky)

Continuing our video series, today in video 2 we look at how hoteliers can make their hotel website more engaging and sticky

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tripadvisor on a mobile phone

This is How Tripadvisor Net Commission Per Stay Model Works

This model is designed as a gateway to the Tripadvisor metasearch world, allowing the many hotels that are currently offline to try it risk-free.

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General Manager: Don’t Trust Your Experience and Gut Feel

Advanced data and analysis are not part of a general manager’s DNA. However, this creates problems when they do not provide the necessary resources

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image of HotelIQ Decision Cloud, the next generation analytics & BI solution recently launched

HotelIQ Launches Decision Cloud: Next Generation Analytics & BI Solution

HotelIQ’s Decision Cloud enables hoteliers to make better, faster business decisions, even across siloed operational departments, increasing revenue

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man standing in front of calculations and algorithms reflecting the multi levels of hotel revenue and how important it is that the revenue manager and general manager work in synch

Ten Questions a GM Should Ask Their Revenue Manager

So Mr. Fabulous GM, what should you be asking your Revenue Manager at your weekly meetings and what conversation should this spark?

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