AI Revolution: Bridging the Hotel Revenue Management Skills Gap

Transitioning existing revenue management staff to an AI-driven approach presents its challenges that hotels must proactively address

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woman looking at a website and mobile phone reflecting the need for hotels to transform their website into a room selling powerhouse

Transforming Your Hotel Website into a Room Selling Powerhouse

Make your website the pillar of your online marketing that sets you apart from your competitors to better sell your hotel directly

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rocks balanced on wooden planks reflecting the challenge with restrictions and the balancing act between revenue optimization and blocking bookings

Restrictions: Balancing Revenue Optimization with Blocking Bookings

Restrictions can cover various areas, including pricing, booking conditions, availability of rooms and services, and general capacity

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Euro 2024 Demand Impact and What Regional Hotels Can Do discussion with berner+becker YouTube thumbnail

Euro 2024 Demand Impact and What Regional Hotels Can Do?

It is wise for hotels that looking into their price positioning to maintain rather high pricing, because there will still be sell out days

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5 Reasons For Booking Engine Abandonment And How To Fix It

Tackling booking engine abandonment requires a strategic approach. By implementing these tactics, hotels can turn hesitant browsers into satisfied bookers

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Hotel Front Desk Upselling: How to Nail and Scale Your Strategy

Not only will upselling in the front office help you meet and exceed guest expectations, but it will also let you unlock another lucrative revenue stream

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8 Ways to Increase Phone Bookings and Grow Direct Revenue

By implementing the strategies discussed, you have tools needed to optimize your phone reservations and reap rewards of higher direct bookings

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The Strategic Impact of Revenue Management Technology in Dining

The increasing adoption of dynamic pricing across various sectors signals a shift towards more sophisticated revenue management strategies

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12 Types of Hotel Guest and How To Satisfy Their Expectations

Once you’ve pinpointed the relevant guest personas, your promotional efforts, distribution strategy and revenue management will be clearly focused

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Role of Hotel Leadership in Leveraging Data Analytics for Upselling

In order to monitor upselling performance, senior leaders need to determine which key metrics are most important

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