person with multiple laptops reflecting importance to a hotel of revenue management automation to ensure managers can focus on strategic issues and what is most important

5 Challenges Cluster Revenue Managers Face and How to Overcome Them

If you do it right, a Cluster Revenue Manager, can help you manage costs, increase efficiency and boost revenue.  But it comes with its own set of challenges

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Strategies for Increasing Profits: Empower Your Hotel Salespeople

We explore the difficulties hotel salespeople face, how various tools can aid them in overcoming these obstacles and optimizing their profits

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How Hoteliers Can Increase Their F&B Poolside Revenue

We consider how hotels can leverage poolside dining and mobile dining apps to maximise their revenue, profits and elevate guest satisfaction

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How Hotel Pricing is Going to Change in the Age of AI

The role of revenue managers is evolving from pricing strategy to crafting personalized offers that maximize both customer satisfaction and revenue

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How to Maximize Hotel TRevPAR

Now that we understand how TRevPAR works and why it’s an important metric, let’s explore ways to increase and enhance it!

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Win More Hotel Meetings and Group Revenue with Less Time and Staff YouTube Thumbnail Get Into MoRe discussion

Win More Hotel Meetings And Group Revenue With Less (Time and Staff)

We explore how staffing crisis is impacting meeting sales and how technology can support hotel’s efforts to handle enquiries and optimise revenue

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7 Steps to Creating a Guest Journey for the First Time

One of the key benefits of drawing a guest journey is the ability to personalise the guest experience, driving more satisfaction and fostering loyalty

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the words online booking on a computer keyboard reflecting importance to hotels of driving direct bookings trough their own website and direct booking tools

10 Benefits for Hotels to Embrace Direct Booking Tools

Let’s explore the ten electrifying benefits that hotels can reap by adopting and unleashing the true power of direct booking tools

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Overcoming Hurdles to More Hotel Meetings and Group Revenue YouTube Thumbnail Get Into MoRe discussion

Overcoming Hurdles to More Hotel Meetings and Group Revenue

Why hotels might not focus on meetings revenue as much as they should do and what are some barriers when trying to embrace meetings revenue management

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5 people sitting down possibly in a hotel morning meeting

How to Win the Morning Meeting

General purpose of the morning meeting is to give a quick overview – a status of things as they stand, a recap of what happened to fuel the actions of today

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