If the Meerkats were fined £18m, what about the OTAs?

The competition watchdog, the CMA, fined Comparethemarket.com (home of those TV meerkats) £17.9 million last week. What heinous offence had Sergei and his cuddly friends committed to warrant such a hefty financial […]

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Germany, Austria, Switzerland: Resilient Hotel Markets

Following similar markets in other parts of the world, the DACH region has recovered occupancy at a faster pace than most markets in Europe

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Hidden in Fine Print of Expedia “Revive and Relief” Recovery Program

Expedia have found a clever way of guaranteeing consumers lowest rates, without having to deal with the controversial OTA rate parity clauses

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Hotel Rate Trends Summer 2020: London & Paris

As hotels re-open, revenue managers are developing rate strategies. But with no historical data they should review the entire market and go beyond comp set

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pace and ota insight logos

Pace Announces its Partnership with OTA Insight

The pace and ota insight integration of rate shopping data between both platforms is a significant stride forward, offering hotels significant benefits

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monopoly hotels on piles of coins which are increasing in size to illustrate increasing value of hotel upselling

How to Optimize Revenue Strategy with Rate Optimization

A strong revenue management strategy allowing you to secure market share and maximize average spend is key to success in this time of slowly growing demand

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The Importance of Flexible Rates …. Google adds Filter in Hotel Ads

Despite the existing uncertainty, non-refundable rates are again growing in June doubling, up to 10%, the numbers of previous months

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The Art of Rate Shopping

While a Rate Shopper is critical to understanding comp set. Without the right tools to understand your own rates and distribution your actions may be futile

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As Las Vegas Returns, Old Debate Resumes: Will Room Rates Go Too Low?

Despite excitement and pent-up demand for Las Vegas’ reopening weekend, room rates have been set far lower than for other major events in the city

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two chess pieces on different stacks of coins showing value of upselling

Rate Integrity: A Key Way to Increase Direct Bookings

Fixing revenue leakage is not just maintaining parity. The driving force is brand integrity and ability to change rates in-sync with market dynamics. Rate integrity aims to balance consistency and flexibility

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