tripadvisor on a mobile phone

This is How Tripadvisor Net Commission Per Stay Model Works

This model is designed as a gateway to the Tripadvisor metasearch world, allowing the many hotels that are currently offline to try it risk-free.

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hotel distribution seven deadly sins article image by mirai taking inspiration from a drawing by Antonio Manetti depicting hell as described by Dante

The Seven Deadly Sins of Distribution

Following the path of virtuosity in the marketing ecosystem, we must try to avoid temptation and stay away from the seven deadly sins of distribution

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trivago metasearch hotel listing and new free booking links offering

All You Need to Know About Trivago’s New Free Booking Links

Just like Google, trivago has enabled free ads, which are ads that do not require a bid on the metasearch engine

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booking.com name what will be the impact on hotels of the recent eu designation as a gatekeeper

The Reasons Why Customers Use Booking.com (And So Do I)

Thanks Booking.com for great service. Or should I say, “thanks hotel for rolling out the red carpet to Booking.com so that they can roll it out for me?”

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broken piggy bank reflecting hotels need to evaluate their metasearch budgets as a response to google removing cpa bidding

OTA Visibility Boosters: The True Cost is More Than You Think

Having an analytical approach to visibility boosters is critical and will help you assign the incremental cost to the incremental revenue correctly

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google written on a laptop key reflecting the potential impact of google killing off metasearch bidding cpa

Understanding the Value Proposition of Paid and Free Google Hotels

To understand how the contribution of Google Hotels (both paid and free) has evolved over time, we split our set of hotels in two

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computer screen with the word distribution reflecting importance of a strategic hotel distribution strategy

Upcoming Challenges in Hotel Distribution That May Interest You

2023 is still quite uncertain. Analyze your current distribution and make sure it is agile. Enhance your direct channels and take control of your prices

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image of person using laptop to make a hotel direct booking reflecting importance of metasearch and it's growing contribution to direct revenue

Growing Contribution of Metasearch to Direct Revenue

Any source of traffic that generates 13% of total direct revenue is a must in your online marketing mix, and that’s what metasearch is today

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broken piggy bank reflecting hotels need to evaluate their metasearch budgets as a response to google removing cpa bidding

How Much Are You Losing By Not Controlling Your Hotel Price

How much are you losing by not controlling your prices and allowing other channels to sell cheaper than you do on your own website?

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businesses and homes are all reachable in a connected way for hotels if they really invested time in data driven commercial distribution strategies

A Handbook on Hotel Distribution in the 21st Century

We review some of the main channel partners, their role and the extent to which we should use each of them to best implement our distribution strategy

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