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Google Hotel Ads adds Children to its Occupancy Filter

The adults and children filter has yet to appear in all pages where Hotel Ads results are shown, for now it appears on Google Travel and Search Experience

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Free Booking Links in Google Hotel Ads, What Does it Actually Mean?

Google is putting a strong emphasis on enhancing search for hotels to not only improve user experience, but give advertisers more campaign optimizations

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pablo delgardo mirai who are we expert partner interview video

mirai “Who are We?” – In conversation with Pablo Delgado

In this “Who Are We” video we are joined by Pablo Delgado, CEO of mirai. We talk about his background, early days of mirai and how it evolved

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How to Choose the Best Payment Processor for Your Direct Channel

The entry into force of PSD2, means it is time to think about implementing a good payment processor or PSP and integrate it into your booking engine

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mirai metasearch and koddi

Mirai Selects Koddi to Help Hotels Better Compete in Metasearch

Metasearch already scaled to become one of the most important online marketing channels in 2019, continuing its growth trajectory

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eye tracking automation to help retention on websites

CRM or How to Automate Most of your Retention Strategy and Direct Sales

Retention is key for your hotel. It’s helps build a long-term business model and acts as a firewall to reduce dependence on intermediation

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google hotel ads

Getting the Most Out of Google Hotel Ads: The Top 15 Check-List

Google Hotel Ads is powerful, but also complex; the devil is in the details. Many hotels are integrated, but just the basics so losing out

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man staring at a computer screen possibly reading an email before booking a hotel

3 Tips to Check How Your Hotel is Seen Online in Other Countries

As a hotelier it is useful to navigate as your clients do (in their countries) which is different reality from the one you see at your hotel

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globe indicating importance of internationalising your direct channel website for hotel and travel bookings

10 Requirements to Internationalise your Direct Channel Sales

Boosting your official website’s direct sales internationally is a challenge, but it is key to ensure you don’t become easy prey for the OTAs

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pablo delgado of mirai talking about google hotel products and their dominant position

Google Hotel Products Evolve! Who Will be Winners and Losers?

We talk specifically about Google, how it has evolved a number of its products and how they can be of real value to hotels in a risk free way

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