How Hotel Inventory Distribution Impacts Revenue Management

Effective and efficient inventory distribution plays a major role in the overall revenue management strategy for hotels. NB: This is an article from Hotelogix A well-thought-out inventory management strategy helps […]

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Hotel overbookings: Let us learn to tame them

Hotel overbookings have been quite a repetitive term in the hospitality industry. Ever wondered what that is? Hotel overbookings are the condition a hotel faces when a single hotel room […]

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6 Tips for Maximizing Your Hotel Occupancy

Occupancy is the name of the game in the hotel business. You need to fill rooms in order to be successful. But how exactly do you get more heads in […]

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We are used to’s inventory appearing re-distributed in endless places. The surprising thing is when we come across the opposite finding which, up until now, has gone unnoticed in […]

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Hotel Distribution in Need of Tech Innovation

The universe of hotel distribution is in a period of transition, according to a panel of experts speaking during HSMAI’s recent Revenue Optimization Conference. Panelists speaking during the “Avoiding collisions […]

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HomeAway Have Been Quietly Adding Hotel Inventory Too

Airbnb announced boldly a few months ago that it was making a concerted push to add bed-and-breakfasts and boutique hotels to its platform as it called out Expedia and […]

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Google Testing Variable Occupancy in Germany

An important distinction travelers make when booking a hotel room is the designation of how many people will be staying in the hotel room. Business travel tends to be single […]

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Is Too Much Choice Killing Your Hotel Conversion

In today’s world choice can often be associated with freedom and autonomy but is it really liberating? Or is this plethora of choice in absolutely everything we do actually oppressing? […]

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5 helpful tips to master distribution at your B&B

We all know there’s no single way that B&B operators distribute their inventory across all of their channels. NB: This is an article by Little Hotelier In fact, most owners […]

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Hotel Inventory Management: How to Maximize Revenue

The hospitality industry is a fiercely competitive space and inventory management plays a critical part in overall hotel success. Here are four ways to streamline inventory management to maximize revenue […]

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