Analysts Agree US Hotel Sector Will Take Years to Bounce Back

Revised forecasts for US hotel performance indicate recovery is near, but it’s going to take time before hoteliers see demand and rates return to normal

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suitcases as hotels anticipate guests returning in 2021

Managing Hotel Capacity Constraints in a COVID-19 World

Inevitably, limits on capacity will lead to similar limit on the observable demand. As you phase inventory back in, it is likely there is additional demand

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How Should You be Setting Room Rates for Your Hotel?

Whatever you’re including in your room rates plan, keep in mind what will be operationally possible, and what guests will be comfortable with

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At What Occupancy Rate Can a Hotel Break-Even?

It is important to consider what occupancy rate will allow a hotel to sustain operations, with the hope break-even occupancy rate is only short-term

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tracks show different channel of train distribution routes

Right Channel per Right Room Type: Inventory Management per Channel

Production statistics for every channel compared to the cost of distribution could easily give you the evidence of a revenue contribution for every channel and net rate (after cost breakdown) as well

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offices or hotels connected by technology

Podcast: How Predictive Analytics Improves Profitability by Optimising Inventory Allocation

We discuss the current Distribution landscape and how, through the use of AI and predictive intelligence, inventory allocation can be optimised to drive more profitable revenue

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different slices of pie indicative of hotel revenue mix

Podcast: Distribution Strategy, OTAs and Google

In this podcast we talk about the topic of Distribution Strategy, how this is changing for the future, what part do OTAs play and where does Google fit into this changing landscape.

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No Availability Dates: Is Your Hotel Really Closed?

What’s more frustrating than having prospects making a search on our booking engine to discover that the system returns a No Availability message when we still have rooms to sell in our hotel?

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Rooms & Rates: The Less, The Better

In Revenue, offering too many options, meaning too many rooms and rates, is the equivalent, in Marketing, of “marketing to everyone to market to no one”.

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The Best Market Mix During High and Low Occupancy

In order to drive the most revenue possible at your hotel, it is important to adjust your market mix according to periods of high and low occupancy. Here’s how to […]

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