different colour casino poker chips reflecting different hotel distribution channels and technology needs

How to Build the Ultimate Distribution Technology Strategy for a Casino Resort

The biggest winners in the casino resort market are those that reduce customer effort while delivering the best experience both digitally and in person

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letters spelling out the word loyalty

Which Loyalty Program Is Best For Your Hotel?

Brands that can use loyalty programs effectively to unlock the potential of repeat guests can gain a significant edge over the competition

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face with code overlayed reflecting importance of hotels understanding the changing privacy landscape regarding CCPA and CPRA

The Importance of Increasing Digitization in Hospitality

The majority of hotels have yet to unleash their full digitization potential. It’s not for lack of trying: 75% of hotel executives support AI marketing

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lady working in a hotel possibly on a bleisure trip or workation

Bleisure Trips & Workations: Hotel Positioning for Hybrid Travel Trends

Once you understand the mindset that drives hybrid travel experiences, the key is determining how to entice these guests to your hotel

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article image from cendyn looking at tiktok and instagram reels for hotels

TikTok vs Reels: Everything Hotel Marketers Need to Know

Social media app TikTok recently topped Google as the world’s most visited website. That impressive feat cements TikTok as a top channel for hotel marketers

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image of a staycation which can be a revenue generator for hotels

Five Easy Tips to Drive Revenue With Local Staycationers

With Covid variant surges still impacting international travel, hotels and resorts need to get creative and think local to keep generating revenue

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paper with the word marketing strategy and book with the words marketing and pricing

What Hotel Marketers Need to Prepare For The Year Ahead

Marketers are now masters of data. Data drives results. In 2022, the question for marketers is how best to turn that data into results

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bright light bulb with a group of people, possibly revenue managers, in a blurred background

What Revenue Managers Need to Know in The Year Ahead

As 2022 signals continued uneven demand, teams must align on one shared objective: optimize revenue and profit across the whole operation

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the word email spelt out in letters

Email Design Trends Ready To Take Over 2022

Every part of your email, from the colours and images you use to the way your content is laid out, becomes part of that brand story

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Black Friday Frenzy Can Your Hotel Replicate it all Year Round?

Quick Wins to Convert Black Friday Bookings on Your Website

Black Friday alone can make or break a hotel’s revenue reports for the year, so it is imperative hoteliers make sure their campaigns are set up for success

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