Using social influencers to effectively market your hotel

Influencer marketing has received quite a lot of buzz in recent years and was even rated the fastest-growing online customer acquisition method. Hotel brands are lavishing freebies to Instagram and YouTube stars in return for posts or videos. And this year, nearly 50% of US marketers will increase their influencer marketing budgets this year.

Essentially the digital age’s version of a celebrity endorsement, influencer marketing is a powerful way to connect with larger audiences. Producing a successful campaign is easier said than done, however, as hotels need to take influencer selection, compensation, and ROI into account.

Influencer marketing for hotels has the potential to be an effective channel, but as long as it’s built on a solid multi-channel marketing and conversion-optimized foundation. That said, influencer marketing is especially valuable for lifestyle and boutique hotels aiming to define and build their identity, all while casting a wider net across their target guest segments.

Identifying Influencers: Who to choose

There are multiple social media tools that you can use to discover influencers and their key metrics, including their social platform of choice, number of followers, level of engagement, and more. Tools vary in price and complexity, but if you are just starting out, you can dabble in one of these seven free influencer marketing tools.

In recent times, a wave of new startups have started offering travel brands an opportunity to discover a world of potential influencers, from social media celebrities to adventurous everyday travelers who showcase a high degree of creative talent.

For instance, Crowdriff enables travel brands to source inspiring visuals from user-generated content, providing a potential opening to connect with content creators. Meanwhile, Tinflur helps travel and tourism marketers find influential bloggers while seeing their number of social followers by different platforms.

In addition, specialist agencies such as Media Kix help brands connect with major influencers on channels such as Instagram, YouTube, and Vine. In a recent example, Media Kix helped Fairmont Hotels and Resorts find four influencers who visited and promoted Fairmont properties around the world.

When selecting your influencers, consider some of the following factors:

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