groups of people in shape of two hands reaching out as if to reconnect as will happen again in hybrid events

Over the past year, the meetings and events industry changed. We pulled up our socks and adapted to new buyer needs, virtual events and more.

NB: This is an article from Cvent

Until the world is back to normal, we will meet – just differently. Hybrid meetings and events, combining both in-person and virtual experiences, are how our industry will reunite, recover, and rebuild.

So how can event and hospitality professionals reconnect and make the most of hybrid? What are the benefits? Fortunately, hybrid events offer both planners and venues a myriad of opportunities to recover their MICE business, succeed and thrive, now and in the long run.

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Discover 7 ways hybrid events benefit venues and planners

1. It increases your reach

While the prospect of a hybrid event seems daunting, remember they have the potential to increase both the venue’s and planner’s reach and brand awareness significantly.

Venue: For venues, it’s a great way to let your property shine! Afterall, you’re showing off your fantastic hybrid capabilities and ability to host a seamless, well-made hybrid event.

Planner: By hosting a hybrid event, you’ll be able to reach attendees who wouldn’t be able to join otherwise. And it doesn’t just aide travel and COVID-19 anxiety. After the pandemic, hybrid gives you the ability to reach a whole new pool of attendees in different countries – or those who are simply too busy to attend in-person!

2. You can use the data to improve future events

These days, it’s all about data and actionable insights. Hybrid events are a great new way to understand more about your in-person and virtual attendees

Venue: Use digital marketing data to understand event planner’s interest in your hybrid offerings. In fact, Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam saw through their digital marketing efforts that there was a huge interest in their virtual studio, which prompted them to organise a physical tour of the space and expand their offerings.

Planner: Find out what your attendees responded to; what they liked and didn’t like about the event; what they’d like to see at the next event.

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