tipped up shopping trolley reflecting impact of developing a successful booking abandonment recovery campaign

If you’re looking to run the most successful booking abandonment campaign you’ve ever had, this is going to be the best checklist you’ve ever checked.

NB: This is an article from CartStack

Booking abandonment is a big problem for the travel industry, no doubt about it, but after reading this guide your campaign stats could look like this:

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Not only is this a real result from a real hotel’s real successful recovery campaign with RezRecover, but it could also be your reality in as little as a month. 

How can we be so sure of your results? It may be due to our record of helping hotels recover over $500 million in lost bookings. Or perhaps it stems from our roots, as the email marketing duo that ran Best Buy’s highest revenue-generating cart recovery campaign  ever. 

Whatever the reason, what we know is this: your booking recovery campaign could result in as high as a 40:1 ROI when you implement every single strategy  from the following checklist. We’re revealing all our trade secrets here.

Our goal is to have you walking away from this checklist with the creme de la creme of recovery campaigns, and waste no more time with the terrible revenue drain that is booking abandonment. 

Your 10-Step Booking Recovery Campaign Checklist

A successful booking abandonment campaign relies heavily on email marketing to re-engage and recover lost online bookings. However, booking recovery is more than just emails – it is a carefully orchestrated multichannel marketing effort.

For this reason, we recommend investing in a multichannel booking abandonment recovery solution with features designed specifically for hotels. Marketers that utilize multiple channels to reach guests with their campaigns earn a 494% higher order rate than single-channel campaigns. 

What should be included in a multichannel booking abandonment tool? Look for the following features to reduce your abandonment rate and save time and money: 

  • Extensive booking engine integration: collect booking information & guest data on auto-pilot
  • Dynamic data insertion: the ability to dynamically add the abandoned booking details to your reminders to maximize personalization
  • Conditional content blocks: customize campaign content at light-speed and create highly personalized emails 
  • On-site retargeting: prevent abandonment at the source with exit-intent pop ups and other on-site messaging
  • Multi-channel messaging options: increase campaign touchpoints through email, SMS, and push notifications

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