It seems Americans don’t mind booking accommodations and airfare on small screens. In 2016, 51.8% of travelers who book trips via digital means will do so using a mobile device, according to eMarketer’s latest estimates of digital and travel research and booking. That will be up from 43.8% this year.


millions, % change and % of digital travel bookers

Since its Q2 forecast, eMarketer has adjusted its figures upward for smartphone bookers and downward for tablet bookers, as people grow increasingly comfortable booking trips on small-screen devices.

Out of the 48.5 million US adults who book trips via mobile this year, 78.6% (38.1 million) will use a smartphone to do so. Fewer travelers, 31.3 million, will use a tablet to book a trip in 2015—or 64.4% of all mobile travel bookers.

“Hotels, airlines, and online travel sites are better optimizing their websites for mobile bookings. As a result, people are finding a simpler and easier path to purchase and booking their trips right on their devices. This bodes well for the industry as a whole,” said Oscar Orozco, eMarketer forecasting analyst.


millions and % of digital travel bookers via mobile

Sales of travel products and services booked on mobile devices continue to grow, while desktop- and laptop-based sales decline in absolute terms. In 2015, travel sales booked via PCs will be $115.91 billion—a decline of 1.8% from 2014. That decline will continue through at least 2019, the end of eMarketer’s forecast period.

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