5 PMS Integrations to Drive More Revenue

A PMS isn’t only valuable for streamlining your operations. It also powers your entire tech stack to expand operations and drive efficiency and revenue

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Data Power! How to Use Your PMS to Drive Bookings

We’re not only talking about decreasing rates when occupancy is low; the secret to generating more bookings year-round lies in data contained in your PMS

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CRS Quickly Becoming Central Hub of Hotel Distribution Strategy

In today’s complex distribution landscape, more hotel companies are transitioning to a CRS-centric strategy to leverage the advantages

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Now is The Time For a Restart in Hotel Tech!

For hotels, there is a critical need to become more tech savvy if they are to make smart decisions and thrive in a difficult and turbulent environment

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PMS: Does Your Hotel's Heart Need a Bypass? Event Replay thumbnail

PMS: Does Your Hotel’s Heart Need a Bypass? [Event Replay]

Is the PMS truly the “heart” of the tech stack? Or is it the CRS/RMS; we know those companies would claim that each is the true “heart” of any property

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Independent Hotels Can Compete With Brands Using Modern PMS

Here are four existing hotel PMS capabilities that are leveling the playing field for independent operators

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Independent Hotels Paying Price of Staying With Legacy PMS Solutions

If we look at the legacy infrastructure that has limited our industry growth and scalability for years, it’s hard not to focus criticisms on the hotel PMS

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person sitting near an old piece of technology reflecting how hotel revenue management has evolved or needs to evolve

The Evolution of Hotel PMS Technology

Especially accelerated by the pandemic, consumer habits and guest expectations have changed far beyond the capabilities of the PMS of the past

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header image for announcement of lybra assistant rms and hoteliga hotel management platform

COVID Recovery Strategy for Hotels: Lybra Assistant RMS + Hoteliga

hoteliga reservations data will be integrated into Lybra’s Assistant, enabling the RMS to provide most accurate real-time rates, as market conditions change

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Breaking Data Barriers: What to Look for in a Multi-Property PMS

Without shared access to available data and guest profiles across the group, booking opportunities are lost and returning guests go unacknowledged

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