Independent Hotels Paying Price of Staying With Legacy PMS Solutions

If we look at the legacy infrastructure that has limited our industry growth and scalability for years, it’s hard not to focus criticisms on the hotel PMS

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person sitting near an old piece of technology reflecting how hotel tech has evolved

The Evolution of Hotel PMS Technology

Especially accelerated by the pandemic, consumer habits and guest expectations have changed far beyond the capabilities of the PMS of the past

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header image for announcement of lybra assistant rms and hoteliga hotel management platform

COVID Recovery Strategy for Hotels: Lybra Assistant RMS + Hoteliga

hoteliga reservations data will be integrated into Lybra’s Assistant, enabling the RMS to provide most accurate real-time rates, as market conditions change

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Breaking Data Barriers: What to Look for in a Multi-Property PMS

Without shared access to available data and guest profiles across the group, booking opportunities are lost and returning guests go unacknowledged

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video thumbnail image for discussion about hotel technology and the fear of change or fear of missing out

Hotel Technology: Fear of Change or Fear of Missing Out

Today we talk about Hotel Technology, it’s value to hoteliers and why there is still some resistance to get on board. We touch on a number of core topics:

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5 Predictions for PMS Evolution and Return to Travel

The hotel’s PMS must be enhanced with guest-facing mobility products, such as omnichannel reservations, two-way text messaging, mobile check-in/out

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Why Microservice Hotel PMS Architecture is the Future

Microservice hotel PMS architecture offers scalability, sustainability, and security and is poised to be the future of travel tech infrastructure

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How F&B Data Can Drive More Revenue For Hotel Groups

Integrating PMS and TMS data has the potential of driving up revenue per available room. This emerging trend is bound to become a staple in the industry

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lightbulb linked by many elements including data and analytics

Strong Strategy Needs Strong Data: Managing Different Source Dataflows

By recording the booking data in the manner outlined, we have the constant temperature of the marketing activities from a Revenue Management perspective

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Top Tips on Building a Smart and Profitable Pricing Strategy

Be aware of your competitors’ rates, but at the same time, believe in your pricing and have confidence in what you are selling

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