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Social media has defined the way people communicate and reach each other.

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Businesses like hotels can leverage social media to their benefit by reaching and connecting with travelers across the globe. With so many different websites and platforms available today, communicating and interacting with guests has never been easier. Using these various outlets will provide hoteliers with a substantial occupancy increase and social presence.

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Establishing a Connection

When looking at your social media profile, you should first consider building a connection with guests online. Finding your audience and establishing a relationship with them will make them interested in what social content you post online. An engaged and attentive audience is the foundation of any social media initiative. Not only will this audience ultimately be the people who stay at your property, but they will also be the travelers who spread positive word of mouth about your hotel.

Give an Inside Look

Once you have your audience, you can use social media to give them an inside look into your hotel’s offerings. Social media is an excellent tool for hoteliers to create unique and creative content to attract travelers to their property. Use these platforms to show guests exciting areas of your hotel, such as:

  • Pools
  • Entertainment rooms 
  • The Breakfast bar 
  • Scenic balcony views

The most important part of a behind-the-scenes look is making it unique and distinct for your hotel brand but also fun and relatable to your guests.

Spread the Word and Show Value

Social media is versatile, and because of this, you can even use it as a news outlet. For example, platforms like Instagram and Twitter are great ways to post renovation updates or new daily room rates and pricing. You can also upload content to your profile stories for a quick way to deliver the news in a short-form media format. Lastly, you can show value to your guests online by highlighting what fun and thrilling events are happening in the local area around your hotel. Inspiring posts like these will motivate your audience to book their next trip at your property and register for these events. Your guests will feel a sense of community and belonging, making them repeat guests and making your hotel the ideal place to be.

Keep it Consistent 

Even if your hotel’s social profile has engaging content, it will be for nothing if you do not post regularly. Creating and maintaining a consistent social media post schedule is crucial if you want guests to remain interested in your hotel. Give your audience predictability so they will expect your content posts and look forward to your next social piece. Consistency is key if you want your social media efforts to boost occupancy.

Let’s Get Social Together 

Social media is a fundamental component of marketing a hotel in the competitive hospitality industry. Setting up a solid social media presence across multiple websites and platforms can be daunting and confusing if you do not know where to begin.

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