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There’s no magic button or single solution for improving hotel guest satisfaction.

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If hotels want to elevate the guest experience, it will take rolling up sleeves and digging into customer data and implementing cutting-edge hotel technology that’s proven to make a positive difference in guest satisfaction and hotel ROI.

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If you’re looking how to improve hotel guest satisfaction, incorporate the tried-and-true methods below into your hotel’s daily operations:


Guests connect with personalized experiences. That’s why personalization is such an integral piece to a hotel’s marketing success. Long gone are the days of the spray and pray approach for hotel marketing campaigns. As the hotelier, it’s your job to share the right messaging with the right guests, making them feel like individuals and not just a piece of a larger whole.

With a guest messaging solution, you can segment guests based on spending behavior, stay history, and profile information. For example, hotels can build a list of individuals based on where they are in the customer journey, whether they tend to book a certain package more over others, or desire a specific room type. Use eye-catching email templates, provided to you through Fuel’s guest messaging software, to create hyper-targeted email campaigns.

Go a step further and consider in-room features like a welcome card with the guest’s name or a dinner voucher to your restaurant. These are little things that can go a long way in improving hotel guest satisfaction.


The check-in line has traditionally been viewed as a cumbersome slog for arriving hotel guests. Nobody wants to stand in a line after airport TSA checks and hours-long car rides. So, we have a solution: get rid of the check-in line.

With hotel digital key technology, guests can check in on their phone and receive their room key directly on their mobile device. Even if the room isn’t ready, guests will be happier knowing that they didn’t have to spend 30 minutes waiting in line just to be told they would have to wait another 30 minutes before they can drop off their luggage. In fact, there are several benefits to investing in hotel contactless check-in solutions.


Making a room booking should be a simple, frustration-free process. Make a strong first impression by installing hotel booking software optimized for the user experience. Take into consideration the following questions:

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