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With nearly 5 billion social media users worldwide, it’s clear why digital marketers are wrestling to stand out amongst the crowd.

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This inexpensive marketing resource provides a platform for brands to build a following and engage with both past and potential guests. We already understand the the importance of social media marketing for hotels – but figuring out the most impactful way to use each platform can be intimidating.

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To our surprise, TravelBoom’s most recent Leisure Travel Trends Study found that nearly all social channels were ineffective in influencing major travel decisions. So, how should hotels be using social media in 2023?

Social Media Marketing for Hotels

From vacation inspiration to prioritizing shareable experiences, social media in the hospitality industry has shifted in recent years. Even as new trends continue to emerge, we know that consistency and value are two keys to success. Social media marketing for hotels can be effective when done well.

Paid Social Media Strategies for Hotels

Successful paid social media strategies for hotels can include a variety of platforms or ad formats. Paid ads for hotels on social media can be used to earn fans, generate demand or bring guests back for another stay. Hoteliers can target a specific audience based on location, interest, age, and more to help drive engagement.

Organic Social Media Strategies for Hotels

A hotel’s organic social media strategy should prioritize consistent posting that delivers value to your audience, whether in the form of education or entertainment.

One major element of a successful organic social media campaign is engagement, both from your audience and from you. Create content that’s authentic and hard to resist interacting with. Hoteliers can do this by using polls, open-ended questions, and more for existing fans.

More helpful tips:

  • Keep your content mobile-friendly for easy consumption
  • Encourage future guests to save your posts to refer back to
  • Monitor your social media closely so you can respond to guests
  • Interact with posts your hotel is tagged in

Social Media Post Ideas For Hotels

Brands should be authentic by creating meaningful (and shareable) content. Focus on what makes your hotel special, but steer clear of ‘selling’.

Here are a few ideas to help create social media content for your hotel:

  • Share a live feed of events that happen at your hotel
  • Showcase amenity or room tours at your property
  • Suggest nearby things to do
  • Highlight upcoming events happening nearby
  • Post unique, high-quality photographs
  • Share positive guest reviews
  • Create giveaways or contests
  • Make use of user-generated content (UGC)

Check out our full list of more than 50 social media post ideas for hotels.

Social Media’s Influence on Travel in 2023

recent study by American Express revealed that 48% of respondents want to travel somewhere they can show off on social media. So, while your hotel’s social media may not be a major factor in booking, the way your property might look on your guests’ social media profiles is important.

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