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Hey there, hoteliers and hospitality heroes!

Gone are the days when Facebook’s “Reach and Frequency” was the go-to for your ad campaigns. Say a big hello to “Reservation” – the new kid on the block, and oh boy, does it have perks for your hotel business!

NB: This is an article from RateGain

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Facebook Ad Buying Types

Facebook offers businesses ways to purchase ad space, known as “buying types.” Diving deeper into the bustling world of Facebook ad strategies, it’s crucial to understand the landscape before “Reservation” came along, shaking things up.

In the not-so-distant past, advertisers juggled two main buying types: ‘Auction’ and ‘Reach and Frequency’.

Facebook Ad Buying Types - Auction and Reach & Frequency

The flexible buy unpredictable ‘Auction’ system

The Auction system was like a digital marketplace, where you bid against other advertisers for ad space in real-time. It was the go-to, used by advertisers practically 99% of the time, involving real-time bidding for ad spaces.

The more stable ‘Reach & Frequency’

Reach and Frequency offered more stability, and allowed you to plan costs and ad views ahead of time. However, it was less utilized compared to its counterpart. This ad buying type offered predictable costs and performance, though used less frequently​.

Enter “Reservation,” the new harbinger of change in the advertising realm

Facebook Ad Buying Types - Auction and Reservation

The Facebook Reservation Buying Type maintains the predictability we loved in Reach and Frequency but adds its own zest to the mix. Your campaigns, once subject to the whims of auction dynamics, now get VIP treatment with fixed CPM, meaning you know exactly what you’re spending. No more nasty surprises, folks!​​

But what truly sets “Reservation” apart?

  1. Massive Reach: We’re talking about a minimum audience of 200,000. For hotels, that’s a vast pool of potential guests. Imagine showcasing your latest renovation or seasonal spa package to a stadium-sized crowd!​
  2. Fixed CPM: Budgeting just got easier. With a set cost per 1,000 impressions, you’re in full control. This transparency makes campaign planning smoother than your hotel’s best silk sheets​​.
  3. Focused Objectives: “Reservation” narrows down your campaign objectives to Engagement and Awareness. It’s all about creating meaningful interactions and keeping your hotel top-of-mind. Think of it as hosting an exclusive event where everyone’s there to mingle with your brand​​.
  4. Optimization Options: Link Clicks, Impressions, and Post Engagement options have been removed. Reach, Ad Recall Lift, or ThruPlay – are now the only choices for how you want to connect with your audience. It’s like planning the perfect guest experience; each interaction is tailored to perfection​​.
  5. Control Your Ad Frequency: With options like Frequency Cap or Target Frequency, your ads appear just enough to intrigue, not annoy. It’s the art of the perfect follow-up: be present, but don’t overstay your welcome.
  6. Ad Sequencing: This is storytelling at its finest. Take potential guests on a journey, perhaps showcasing different amenities, all leading up to a compelling call-to-action. It’s the narrative charm of a seasoned concierge, now in your ads​.

“Reservation” isn’t just a new buying type; it’s a paradigm shift. By focusing on vast, engaged audiences and predictable costs, it mirrors the hospitality industry’s ethos: exceptional, personalized guest experiences without the guesswork.

So, hotels, it’s time to embrace “Reservation” and elevate your ad game. Your audience awaits – captivate them!

How Facebook Reservation Buying Type Ads Make Your Hotel Irresistible

  1. First things first, “Reservation” is not your everyday ad strategy. It’s like that exclusive hotel suite you reserve for special guests. With this buying type, you’re stepping into a realm of predictability and fixed costs, thanks to something called fixed CPM. Imagine knowing your ad expenses upfront, just like your guests appreciate transparent room rates. No more budget roller coasters – you know what you pay from the get-go​. You will get predictions for:

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