The Hotel Distribution Technology Chart: 2017

It’s been over a year since we published the original Hotel Distribution Technology Chart, and a lot has changed in the hotel tech industry since then. Many have written to us asking to be included in “V2” or offered suggestions on how we could improve upon the chart. So we made a few big updates to it: We added a new ring to the chart called “Optimizing,” which is what happens after you’ve reached hotel guests. This Optimizing section includes analytics, guest relations, and other software that hotels can and should use to optimize the distribution after the guest has stayed at the hotel.

As we mentioned in our earlier article about hotel software stacks, there are lots of different tools available to hotels, especially when it comes to distribution tech, which is how the inventory and data travels to reach the guests and how it travels back to the hotel to improve for future guests.

This chart is a way to visualize the relationship between various technology providers. We tried to include as many as possible, but there are only so many pixels! That being said, a great, more detailed companion to this chart is the open-sourced Hotel Technology Index where hotel technology providers can get listed, and hotels can use to get a better understanding of the various partners that are on the market in the different categories.

We’re very excited to present the new Hotel Distribution Technology Chart, updated for 2017.

How to read the chart

The Hotel Distribution Technology Chart starts from the hotel at the center and expands outwards towards the guest. The chart is organized following the data flow from the hotel towards the guest via the three distribution groups: online, travel agents, meetings and events. Each ring moving outwards is a level of technology that builds on the last to reach the guest.

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