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The Hotels Network is an innovative technology company working with over 4,000 hotels worldwide. The company offers clients a hotel tech ecosystem to boost website conversions and ADR. By adding a layer of tools to their website, brands can improve the user experience for guests and increase direct bookings.

In addition to price comparison, reviews summary and a full suite of personalization options, the company’s latest product innovation, Oraculo, is the world’s first predictive algorithm for hotels. Oraculo predicts the behavior of visitors to the hotel website and then automatically personalizes both the message and the offer for each user.

The company’s mission is to improve the booking experience and strengthen the relationship between hotel brands and their guests.

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Direct Booking Index The Hotels Network Thumbnail Image
The Direct Booking Index (DBI) and Why Hoteliers Should be Using It
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BenchDirect! The First Benchmarking Product for Direct Booking Channels
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Gamification: Offering Guests an Interactive and Engaging Experience
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A Successful Direct Channel Growth Strategy in 6 Stages
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5 Lessons From an Irish Hotel Securing Direct Bookings During Lockdown
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5 Tips to Make Most Out of Today’s Hotel Holiday Season
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Ready for Recovery? Your Direct Booking Action Plan
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Uncovering the Formula to Social Media Success: Melia Hotels
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Hyper Personalized Hotel Website Content for Mobile?
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Your Direct Channel and Guest Engagement: How They go Hand in Hand
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Netflix – What Can Hoteliers Learn From The Megabrand’s Success?
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Insightful Pointers from Hoteliers on Best Digital Strategies to Adopt
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Leveraging Hotel Data to Shake Off Demand Uncertainty
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Hotel Reopening Strategies to Engage with Guests Online
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A Steppingstone into Optimizing Email Capture
6 Tactics to Learn From Hotels Open in Sweden During Covid19
6 Tactics to Learn From Hotels Open in Sweden During Covid-19
Is bleisure still a thing Spoiler alert It definitely still is
Is Bleisure Still a Thing? Spoiler Alert: It Definitely Still Is
man staring at a computer screen possibly looking online at a hotel
50 Tips and Tricks to Turn Website Visitors into Hotel Guests
The Black Friday Frenzy - Can Your Hotel Replicate it all Year Round?
The Black Friday Frenzy – Can Your Hotel Replicate it all Year Round?
How Experiential Marketing can Transform the User Experience
How Experiential Marketing can Transform the User Experience
person booking hotel online know made more complicated with sca
3 Essential Tools to Boost Hotel Website Conversion Rate
Selling Your Last Available Hotel Room
Market Your Hotel this Halloween and Get Scarily Good Results
Market Your Hotel this Halloween and Get Scarily Good Results
3 Hotels with High-Impact Website Conversion Strategies
3 Hotels with High-Impact Website Conversion Strategies
personalized loyalty schemes
Predictive Personalization and How It’s Revolutionizing Hospitality
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