Drive direct bookings without using direct links

Increasing traffic to your own website is one of the most important factors for a hotel’s success, as 100 per cent of all revenue from direct bookings are paid to the property with no acquisition cost. It is possible to increase your property’s website traffic by establishing direct links to your site so customers can reach yours via other sites, such as with blogs, partner sites and social media that they may already be visited. While this method is efficient, building direct links can be time-consuming and expensive.

We’re living in a time offering a plethora of innovative and time and cost-effective ways to increase web traffic via search engines, with no link building necessary, including:

Publishing in-depth articles

According to a recent study, 7.1 per cent of Google search results contain in-depth article this may not seem like a big number, but articles that are well-written and include industry-related keywords can generate a significant boost in website traffic. In fact, your SEO (search engine optimization) ranking will increase if your articles include keywords.

Write articles or blog posts about topics relevant to the key benefits that your property offers to potential guests. For example, if you are in an amazing location with lots of nightlife, you could write an article about the best local events as a reference for people who are searching for info about an upcoming trip to your destination. Be sure the advice shared in your articles are as unique as possible and deliver your articles in a clear, concise format and professional, but approachable tone. This is more likely to attract more people to your article and encourage them to share your info via direct links on their site. As you already know, the more visibility that you can create, the more direct bookings you can create.

Social media

Social media is a huge opportunity for hotel marketers since today’s consumers are using these channels to research and book travel. “Millennials check an average of 10 sources before making travel purchases to make sure they pay as little as possible” and “86 per cent of Millennial travelers were inspired to book a trip based on content they viewed online”.

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