trivago metasearch hotel listing and new free booking links offering

Trivago Free Booking Links: How They Work and Benefits

Trivago Free Booking Links aim to support independent hoteliers with the means to get ahead of their competition and secure more direct bookings

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trivago logo for mirai article about their new net cpa on consumption offering

How to use Trivago Book & Go

Instead of sending users off to another site, Trivago Book & Go lets users book from within the Trivago site. It is a feature offered to certain hotels

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Game Changing Benefits of Hotel Metasearch Marketing

Metasearch is an invaluable tool for hotels aiming to generate direct bookings and position themselves in front of travelers at the moment of booking

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What is Metasearch & Why Its Important For Hotels

We explain what metasearch is, explore different channels, provide some best practice tips and explain why it’s essential for hotel success

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trivago’s Free Booking Links Bring Travelers and Hoteliers Closer

Because direct bookings with a free booking link come at no cost, hoteliers also save on paying commissions for bookings previously received through an OTA

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How to Boost Hotel Direct Bookings with Google FBL

Since Google launches Free Booking Links, thousands of hotels have listed their properties to increase brand visibility and boost direct reservations

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google written on a laptop key reflecting the potential impact of google killing off metasearch bidding cpa

5 Tools in Your Hotel Google Profile to Increase Your Direct Sales

This article explains a number of different tools available to you through your hotel’s profile in Google Hotels that you probably haven’t heard about

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Why Metasearch is Critical for Your Direct Booking Strategy

Adding metasearch to a multichannel marketing strategy is essential for hoteliers seeking to maximize direct bookings and achieve higher margins over time

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tripadvisor on a mobile phone

This is How Tripadvisor Net Commission Per Stay Model Works

This model is designed as a gateway to the Tripadvisor metasearch world, allowing the many hotels that are currently offline to try it risk-free.

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Why “Set It & Forget It” Doesn’t Work for Hotel Metasearch

It’s easy to think once you’ve set up the connection with your metasearch partner and your rates are being displayed that there’s nothing left to do

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