Meta Vs Search PPC – Why You Need to be Doing Both

You need to be seen everywhere and by doing both Meta PPC and Search PPC you’ll own more of the search engine results page (SERP)

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Building Strategies to Drive and Convert More Direct Traffic

One of the most impactful strategies hotels must revisit is customer acquisition. Travelers are shopping in different ways and looking for new experiences

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Google Hotel Ads Shaking up Balance OTA Market Share vs Direct Sales via Metasearch

Google is penetrating the hotel distribution vertical with Google Hotel Ads. What does this offer hotels in terms of revenue management and marketing?

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Having the Best Rate on Metasearch Can Triple Bookings

Even if you are unable to offer the cheapest rate online, the data shows that when a hotel’s prices are in parity on metasearch conversion rate doubles

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TripAdvisor Plus And What It Means For Your Hotel

TripAdvisor Plus will be offered to hotels on a no-commission basis, but hotels need to offer a minimum 10% discount on BAR and offer value-added services

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How to Build a Profitable Hotel Distribution Strategy?

In order to build an effective and profitable distribution strategy, you need to know who your clients are, where they book, and which tools will fit best

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mirai article image Google Hotel Ads: Much Anticipated “check-in date” Multiplier Now Live

Google Hotel Ads: Anticipated “check-in date” Multiplier Now Available

The new multiplier on Google Hotel Ads means you can adjust your bid for a specific point in time and make decisions based on occupation and expected demand

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image of fornovahl free tool to help hotels tackle content parity

Free Tool for Hoteliers to Optimize Content Distribution

FornovaHL is an easy to use tool enabling hotels to automatically distribute or update their property’s profile content and attributes for online channels

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Comparing Cost Models in Metasearch: CPC vs CPA

Within each metasearch program, cost models can individually become more complicated. For simplicity’s sake, we will focus on CPC and CPA

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attractive picture of a sandos resort hotel can be used in google ads to increase demand

Reducing Cost Per Booking Through Smart Bidding Google Ads Strategy (Case Study)

This success story explains how Sandos tackled the challenge of increasing effectiveness of investments in Google Ads, while controlling cost per booking

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