stacks of coins reflecting the need to protect profit with your digital marketing

Revenue Management: What can Hotels Learn from Delta Airlines?

If you equip your revenue manager(s), they will be able to be much more efficient and have more time to spend on the strategic aspect of their job

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offices or hotels connected by technology

If You’re Hoping for a Bounce Back Later, Focus on Your Hotel Technology.

Setting up or restarting technology you may have paused can be an ordeal. Start now and be ready from Day 0 to make the most “rush hour demand”

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Hotel Messaging as we Re-Open and Move Towards a ‘Cookie’ Free World

We discuss CRM importance to ensure your messaging is really targeted to your different personas and relevance as we move to a ‘cookie’ free world in 2023

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4 glass jars filling up with coins in the way hotels will start to fill up again in the future

Plotting the Comeback for Hotels in a COVID-19 Environment

Hotels will be faced with the challenge of limited inventory, rising costs per occupied room, and the need to fill enough rooms at some minimum price to justify “turning the lights back on”

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You Tube Thumbnail showing discussion with apaleo about how hotel technology can help drive recovery

How Hotel Technology can Help Drive Recovery

We talk with Alan O’Riordan about how hotel technology can help drive the recovery, with hotels exiting in a much leaner, efficient and productive way

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graphic saying email is not dead

A Steppingstone into Optimizing Email Capture

There are many ways to encourage website visitors to give their email address but as always, you’ll reap the returns of personalizing any campaigns you run

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heart on a keyboard depicting hotels care for their guests when they get in contact

How to Stay Connected to Your Guests While Your Hotel is Closed

It does not have to be perfect, but stay in touch with guests. There is still a conversation to be had, whether it is transactional or inspirational. Let authenticity be your guide

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tracks show different channel of train distribution routes

Right Channel per Right Room Type: Inventory Management per Channel

Production statistics for every channel compared to the cost of distribution could easily give you the evidence of a revenue contribution for every channel and net rate (after cost breakdown) as well

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computer and dots showing distribution across globe

Hotels vs OTAS: Focus on Data Driven Smart Distribution

I have seen hotels that succumbed and hotels that resurrected and overcame competition, only by changing their distribution strategies and by balancing their channel mix

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dan skodol and trevor grant talk recovery strategy and revenue forecasting

Crisis Recovery Shape, Strategy Considerations and Revenue Forecasting

We talk with Dan Skodol of Cendyn about post crisis recovery shapes, scenario startegy planning and the importance of revenue forecasting as we exit

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