empty dilapidated hotel due to no guest demand

Is Hotel Distribution Winning the Battle to Capture Demand in New Normal

For hotels reviewing their approach to capturing demand in 2021, accessing up to date data from across their hotel will provide a competitive advantage

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image of face with data points around showing importance of data strategy

Revenue Management in 2021 – No Decision Without Data

If 2020 made one thing clear, it’s revenue management must focus on broader data sets than just in-house on-the-books, historical and simple comp set data

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compass showing direction of revenue management going forward for a hotel in 2021

How to Achieve Your Best Hotel Performance: Tips for 2021

The good news is that the data we read is showing concrete desire for travel, and hotel bookings for the summer are arriving at an unexpected pace

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man at a computer looking tired, could be a hotel revenue manager

Google May be The Key to Protecting Your Revenue Role

With insights across the property and deep revenue understanding, you are ideally placed to work with marketing and implement the right Google strategy

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picture on hotel website of valentine day hotel promotion

Hotel Valentine’s Day: 5 Ways to Optimize Your Hotel Website

Highlighting the perfect romantic environment of your hotel and promoting it effectively across your website will help provide a boost to direct bookings

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person booking hotel online know made more complicated with sca

The SCA Tsunami is Coming, How Will it Impact Hospitality Industry

From January 1st 2021 a new regulation on payments for online bookings that requires Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) will come into force

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keyhole in a blackboard with data algorithms written on the board showing shift in revenue management paradigm

The Paradigm Shift in Revenue Management with Future Demand Data

Creating forecasts based on future data sources is a paradigm shift in revenue management and, truly, the future of how hotels will price their rooms

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suitcases as hotels anticipate guests returning in 2021

8 Top Travel Trends Hotels Must Act on to Capture Demand in 2021

If optimism turns into reality, hotels could see the first signs of leisure guests to capture, followed later in the year 2022 by business travelers

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How to Choose the Best Payment Processor for Your Direct Channel

The entry into force of PSD2, means it is time to think about implementing a good payment processor or PSP and integrate it into your booking engine

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retargeting your audience to generate hotel demand

How to use Retargeting to Generate and Convert Demand for Your Hotel?

Retargeting is fairly simple to set up, needing minimal time and resources on your part. Customized ads are more likely to catch attention of future guests

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