thibault catala video dont drop your rates

Don’t Drop Your Rates! …. Is It Really That Simple?

We discuss why the message “don’t drop your rates” seems fine in principle and look at how it is more nuanced than just a simple do or don’t binary choice

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book with marketing terms like content and seo

SEO in Post Covid-19 World: What Hoteliers Need to Know and Do

Falling organic traffic to your website does not mean SEO is redundant. On the contrary it is more important now than ever to focus on organic search

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direct booking podcast part 2

Simple Ideas and Steps to Improve your Direct Booking (Part 2)

We look at what happens when a booker visits your website, the biggest mistakes hotels make and simple tips to improve your chance of securing the booking?

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hotel meeting and event venue

Take a Positive Outlook for Your Meeting and Events Business

Why not offer small meeting rooms to individuals needing office space or consider renting bedrooms to a company that previously had communal working spaces

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thumbnail for direct booking podcast with berner and becker

Simple Ideas and Steps to Improve your Direct Booking (Part 1)

In part 1 we explore the challenge to drive and convert more direct booking business, what are some basic errors made and ultimately, is it worth it?

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video with adrienne hanna of right revenue asking has the role of the revenue manager really evolved

Has the Role of the Revenue Manager Really Evolved?

In today’s video we are joined by Adrienne Hanna, Founder of Right Revenue Our discussion covers a number of areas with the intention of trying to explore if the role […]

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white chalk writing on a blackboard which says content is king

Watch Your Language! Content in the New Hospitality Landscape

In the Amazon era, consumers expect to be served relevant content or offers based on what they’re looking for. Poorly managed content makes it impossible

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engaging with potential hotel guests online

Hotel Reopening Strategies to Engage with Guests Online

When promoting long staycations, take advantage of geo-targeting options to personalize offers and messages for domestic guests but exclude local residents

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facebook logo and connected icons

Why Should You be Using Quora and Facebook Groups?

Facebook Groups and Quora are your bridges to these conversations and connections, making them imperative for a well-rounded marketing strategy

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suitcases in a hotel as capacity increases for travel

Managing Hotel Capacity Constraints in a COVID-19 World

Inevitably, limits on capacity will lead to similar limit on the observable demand. As you phase inventory back in, it is likely there is additional demand

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