When Every Penny Counts, Get Revenue Generating Basics Right?

We should be easy to do business with and operate effectively and profitably as possible. So why are we making revenue generating mistakes?

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red trainers amongst white trainers showing benefit of personalized messaging to increase website conversion

Hyper Personalized Hotel Website Content for Mobile?

If you’re looking to increase website mobile conversions, focusing on personalization and hyper-targeted messages is key for direct channel growth strategy

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google g logo and road going off in distance

6 Free Google Tools Hotels Should be Using

Here are some free Google tools you can use to help make data driven decisions and understand trends for your market and specific location

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video thumbnail for discusion about the strategic revenue role in hotesl

What Does a Strategic Revenue Role Look Like

Today we are joined by two regular guests, Veit Meier and Till Benthien, from berner+becker In this video we start to look at what does ‘Strategic Revenue Management’ actually mean. […]

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london skyline great advert for hoteliers

Strategies for Hoteliers to Get Back to Business for UK Market

In these difficult times, hoteliers must work collectively and make effective decisions, working towards building safe and functional strategies

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graphic saying email is not dead

How has Hotel Reopening Affected Key Email Marketing Metrics?

Email marketing is a vital channel aiding in driving demand, revenue and maintaining brand awareness and this is still the same since the global pandemic

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video thumbnail with two halves of brain showing need for hotels to bring revenue and marketing together

Now is the Time for Hotels to Bring Revenue and Marketing Together

We discuss how the crisis has shown once and for all that Revenue and Marketing (as well as Sales) must work more closely together

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people watching netflix on tv with popcorn

Netflix – What Can Hoteliers Learn From The Megabrand’s Success?

Seemingly vastly different from each other, there might just be some proven tactics that hotel brands can learn from the Netflix success story

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mechanical figure in shape of thinker contemplating how hotel revenue management will evolve along with technology

How Will the RMS Evolve to Move Revenue Management Forward

We explore how the RMS is evolving and what additional data sets are being integrated to enhance price forecasting and revenue management

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sign saying cancelled reflecting increase in hotel cancellation policies

Free Hotel Cancellation Policies are Now the New Norm

A fundamental shift is taking place in hotel policies with hoteliers increasingly offering free cancellation in a bid to convert bookings

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