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man at hotel reception where upselling is often done but can now be automated

The Currency that Buys Time: Automation of Guest Service Upselling

Upselling has recently been seen as a way to re-capture revenue. However, many properties limit themselves to upselling only at front desk during check-in

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calculator and balance sheet reflecting improtance of a detailed hotel marketing audit

How a Detailed Hotel Marketing Audit Helps Determine Budget

Before you decide on marketing expenses for 2022, take a step back and see where you sit today in the online marketplace

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two puzzle pieces reflecting how an rms can help in periods of low demand

How an RMS Can Help in Periods of Low Demand

Uncertainty is real! We don’t know the forecast perfectly nor demand function. A modern RMS works 24/7 to adjust to uncertainty and to quickly adapt pricing

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image of lybra travel flight search in europe

European Travel Unstable Due to Delta – Some Thriving & Others Collapsing

The travel industry has been affected both by fear of contagion of the Delta Variant, but also reintroduction of travel restrictions by European countries

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lybra article image regarding German interest in travel to Spain

Spain: Strong German Travel Interest Uptick in Major Tourist Destinations

This data will help Spanish destinations update their revenue management and marketing strategy to reach those interested in travel to their destination

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hotel staff communicating with mobile phones using social media

How to Improve Hotel Staff Communication with Social Media Approach

The result of poor hotel staff communication is an upset guest or blown booking opportunity leading to poor guest engagement and lower satisfaction scores

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lybra data image spain travel affected

Travel Intentions for Spain Drop, with Balearic Islands Most Affected

Demand for travel to Spanish destinations is in sharp decline and the negative trend is continuing for third consecutive week; due to worsening fourth wave

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online booking key on keyboard reflecting importance of direct bookings for hotels

The Brave New World of Booking Direct

The recent rise in direct bookings was an unexpected boon for hoteliers, and it might be a sign of the direction the industry is heading

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Data and AI Are Simplifying Hotel Revenue Management

7 Reasons Why an RMS Should be a Must for Hoteliers in 2021

Information sources provided by a Revenue Management System allow us to monitor the market in real time and be agile in detecting changes in trends

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image of video discussing hotel marketing roi and roas with stephanie smith of cogwheel marketing

Why Hotel Marketing Needs to Move Beyond ROI and ROAS

In this discussion we pick up on a topic Stephanie has written about recently, namely the need for hotel marketing to move beyond the metrics ROI and ROAS

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