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video thumbnail for interview about 7 hotel commercial mistakes

7 Hotel Commercial Mistakes and What To Do About Them

7 key findings, let us call them ‘Commercial Mistakes’ the property was making, were identified to answer why the hotel’s revenue struggled to improve

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Will Hotels Keep Their Head in the Sand Post Covid

The Cost of Inaction – Will Hotels Revert to Type?

Vaccination campaigns are fired up and countries are reopening. It’s time to look at a future where hotels will be able to operate in high demand again

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women runner looking forward and preparing in much the same way a hotel must look to future data to help set their revenue management strategy

Revenue Management: Look Ahead to Avoid Being Left Behind

There is no dichotomy between PMS data and demand data because, the two combined provide the picture to develop data-based revenue management strategies

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stacks of coins reflecting the impact of the wrong hotel room price strategy

How Much Does a Wrong Pricing Strategy Cost?

We can sell the same service, for the same day, with the same channel but at different times and therefore, potentially, also at a different price

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video thmbnail image for interview ith pablo delgado ceo of mirai talking about the new google free booking links for hotels

Google Free Booking Links – Less Theory, The Hotel Results Are In !!

It is important to understand Free Booking Links are only present in My Business (travel) hotel site and not in other popular Google Hotel Ads placements

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dice representing the need to rejuvenate revenue strategy

Rejuvenate Your Revenue Strategy for 2021 and Beyond

As you tailor your marketing based on segment, demand forecasts, and behavior, you’ll gain momentum that drives your revenue management strategy forward

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thumbnail image of inbound and domestic travel flight searches

Road to Reopening the UK: Will it be a Green Light for the Travel Industry?

While waiting for the start of the third phase of easing restrictions, which would allow travel abroad from May 17, the British have begun planning holidays

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picture of sunset at hotel resort helps booking conversion rate for hotels

How a Chain Improved Conversions by 20%

. They struggled to build that important one-to-one relationship with their guests and that meant their conversion rate was lower than it should be

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model holding a broken heart reflecting that booking pace is maybe a love lost relationship

Booking Pace: A Love Affair That Can Be Misleading

Measuring booking Pace is worthless in isolation. Pace Progression contextualizes it by measuring and monitoring the speed of change of future activity

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thumbnail image for revenue hub video discussion with get into more about meetings and events returning

Meetings and Events Are Returning …. So Now What?

We explore the impact of Covid on Hotel Meetings and Events, where is demand coming from, picking up 2021 and into 2022 and Space as a Service

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