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man trying to navigate a path through question marks in the way hotels need to better understand the factors that affect the results of their metasearch campaigns

How to Navigate The RFP To Win More Group Business

By strategically navigating the RFP landscape, your hotel can secure more group business, elevate its reputation and drive growth

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surfers on the face of a wave as it starts to crash down on them reflecting how too much data can sink revenue management efforts

Why Too Much Information Can Sink Revenue Management Efforts

In a world where data is king, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of information. With the right strategies, you can navigate your revenue ship to success

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sign post saying fact or myth reflecting points to be debunked in hotel revenue management

True or False: Debunking Myths in Hotel Revenue Management

As we debunk these common myths in hotel revenue management, it’s clear that success in this field requires a nuanced and sophisticated approach

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post it notes with sales funnel and marketing stages

The Six Levels of the Google Hotels Funnel

In each stage of the funnel we will identify the main KPIs you should be aware of in terms of assessing whether your numbers are adequate

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robot and human playing chess reflecting the age old question of will ai replace the hotel revenue manager

Will AI Replace Hotel Revenue Managers? The Million $$ Question

By offloading repetitive tasks to AI, revenue managers can focus on higher-value activities that require human expertise and critical thinking

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coins being stacked up to reflect how pricing strategies can maximize ADR RevPAR and Profitability

Pricing Strategies to Maximize ADR, RevPAR and Profitability

Continuing to use manual and fixed pricing in times of unprecedented variability in demand introduces unnecessary risk

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mobile phone with nuerous messaging icons including whatsapp a powerful tool for hotel marketing

WhatsApp Marketing Examples

WhatsApp is like a canvas waiting for your creative brushstrokes. With the right strategy you can make marketing wonders happen

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old plane cockpit reflecting the outdated view of roas as the primary metric for evaluating marketing initiatives

Evolving Past ROAS as the Primary Marketing KPI

There is growing recognition of ROAS limitations as a solitary measure of success. This metric often falls short of capturing the full impact of marketing initiatives

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one girl telling the truth to another girl in much the same way this article tells the truth about Google Performance Max (PMax)

Truth About Performance Max (PMax) and What Google Isn’t Telling You

It’s evident there are significant concerns and issues with PMax that Google and other hotel agencies may not be fully disclosing, or just don’t know

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lego character in the shape of a rocket reflecting need for hotels to boost direct bookings

Want to Skyrocket Weekday Hotel Bookings?

With a dash of innovation and a sprinkle of savvy strategy, hotels can turn the tide and transform weekdays into a vibrant canvas of bustling bookings

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