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two angry tortoises reflecting tension in the relationship between a hotel and ota

Mastering the Art of OTA Relationships: Practices for Revenue Growth

We dive into best practices to help build strong partnerships with OTAs while driving revenue growth. From hidden secrets to practical tips!

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two receptionists at hotel front office with one guest checking in and another on the phone reflecting the possible challenges of an overbooking strategy

Is an Overbooking Strategy Right for Your Property?

While for some hoteliers it’s best to avoid overbooking altogether, for others, a good strategy can increase revenue and improve occupancy

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SWOT Analysis of the Revenue Manager and RMS Technology berner+becker video discussion YouTube Thumbnail

SWOT Analysis of the Revenue Manager and RMS Technology

We look at the various strengths and weaknesses of a Revenue Manager and the strengths and weaknesses of a Revenue Management System (RMS)

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email icon an a mobile phone reflecting email deliverability and the impact of the new apple iOS17 and link tracking protection

Email Deliverability: Impact of Apple Link Tracking Protection

Stripping these email URL tracking parameters will make it harder to accurately attribute website visits or conversions back to specific campaigns

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steps going up reflecting the increase in revenue and occupancy a hotel can gain from adapting a dynamic pricing strategy

How to Elevate Hotel Revenue and Occupancy with Dynamic Pricing

When it comes to maximizing revenue and occupancy rates, dynamic pricing strategies have taken a quantum leap forward

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5 blocks with one of a different colour reflecting the importance to hotels of understanding attribution models in google ads

Hotel Marketing: Understanding Attribution Models in Google Ads

We delve into the different attribution models available in Google Ads and offer valuable insights on what hoteliers should be cautious of

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people looking at a dashboard on a tablet possibly a revenue management meeting reviewing current performance

Revenue Management vs. Price Optimization: What is the Difference?

We demystify the differences between Revenue Management and Price Optimization and provide actionable insider tips to boost hotel earnings

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pumpkin in a graveyard reflecting need for hotels to start quickly actioning their Halloween marketing plans

Fang-tastic Marketing Tactics For Halloween Hotel Festivities

Let’s take a closer look at a direct channel strategy that is driving higher website conversion rates and welcoming more guests for Halloween festivities

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Two of these confusing visibility boosters are the “free room upgrade” and “free breakfast” by Do you know how they work?

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optical performance evaluation glasses reflecting importance to hotels of viewing data collaboratively to drive bookings and revenue

How a Collaborative View of Data can Drive Bookings & Revenue

Get collaborating today to leverage all the types of data and analytics your business has access to and boost bookings and revenue

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