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man holding a sparkler reflecting how independent hotels can strike a spark and blaze a trail with the commercial strategy role

Independent Hotels Can Blaze a Trail to The Commercial Strategy Role

We talk about the ‘new kid on the block’, the Commercial Strategy Role – that overarching role encompassing Revenue, Marketing and Sales

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person sitting near an old piece of technology reflecting how the pms has evolved

The Evolution of Hotel PMS Technology

Especially accelerated by the pandemic, consumer habits and guest expectations have changed far beyond the capabilities of the PMS of the past

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userguest expert partner who are we interview video thumbnail image

New Expert Partner: Userguest

Hicham introduces us to Userguest, their solution, client profiles and some future gazing. Finally touching on data privacy, GDPR and a cookieless world

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hotel forecasting in the new normal has anythgin changed video thumbnail discussion with veit meier of berner+becker

Hotel Forecasting in The New Normal – Has Anything Changed?

We look at what impact the pandemic, technology adoption and staffing issues has had on forecasting, what we forecast and how often we review it

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person looking at a hotel neighbour reflecting the fact hoteliers should not overlook competitor data in their pricing strategies

Don’t Overlook Competitor Data in Your Pricing Strategy

Some may argue that competitor data shouldn’t impact your pricing strategy, we believe the pandemic has reinforced it can and should be an indicator

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7 people on mobile and tablets reflecting importance to hotels in driving direct traffic conversion

The Power of Mobile in Driving Direct Traffic Conversions for Hotels

Hotels have seen a consistent growth year over year, with mobile starting to overtake desktop in driving revenue during the pandemic in 2020

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lybra article thumbnail spanish summer when will foreign tourists travel

Spanish Summer: When Will Foreign Tourists Travel?

By observing worldwide flight search data we can see clearly that foreign travel demand is related to national holidays of each country

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franco grasso revenue team expert partner who are we interview video thumbnail image

New Expert Partner: Franco Grasso Revenue Team

Franco Grasso introduces us to his company, their core service, typical client profile, why he got started and what value they bring to their clients

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microsoft bing hotel price ads mirai article image

Bing Hotel Price Ads, a New Showcase for Your Direct Sales

Bing Hotel Price Ads is an opportunity to recover sales from customers who are searching for you but end up with the OTAs because they bid on your name

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is revenue strategy just a pipedream for most hotels video thumbnail

Is Revenue Strategy Just a Pipedream for Most Hotels?

Without changing the focus, the questions asked, and metrics measured, surely revenue strategy just exists as another recurring seminar topic

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