graph on screen plotting hotel rates as we reopen

Plotting (literally) the Hotel Comeback post COVID

It’s been interesting to monitor the extent to which hotel reopenings have stayed on track with initial plans and how demand has responded to the reopenings

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hotel neon sign switched on just like they should their digital marketing

Hotel Digital Marketing Recovery – Where to Put Your Marketing Dollars

Finding that “sweet spot” of where and how to utilize marketing efforts can be fuzzy right now, but take a step back and consider these things discussed

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compass showing direction of revenue management going forward

Revenue Management Models Have Changed. What To Do?

Trend, pace of sales and rate elasticity assume a fundamental role for revenue professionals in order not to lose the compass direction to the way forward

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person on laptop during airline flight

How Can Commercial Teams Gear Up For Return Of Airline Travel

The new normal has made all historical data redundant, making it stressful for an airline to efficiently forecast demand and price in today’s environment

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monopoly hotels on piles of coins which are increasing in size to illustrate increasing revenue for hotel recovery

How to Optimize Revenue Strategy with Rate Optimization

A strong revenue management strategy allowing you to secure market share and maximize average spend is key to success in this time of slowly growing demand

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video interview do you want your revenue manager to be strategic

Want your Revenue Manager to be Strategic …. do you have an RMS?

In this video we are joined by Michael McCartan, founder of mccartan tech consulting and Michael Sandeen, Senior Revenue Manager at Pace We continue our discussion about the evolution of […]

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hoteliers welcoming guests back to hotels

Insightful Pointers from Hoteliers on Best Digital Strategies to Adopt

It isn’t news anymore that hospitality as we know it has been transformed. To help hoteliers navigate we discussed the best digital strategies to adopt

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thibault catala video dont drop your rates

Don’t Drop Your Rates! …. Is It Really That Simple?

We discuss why the message “don’t drop your rates” seems fine in principle and look at how it is more nuanced than just a simple do or don’t binary choice

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book with marketing terms like content and seo

SEO in Post Covid-19 World: What Hoteliers Need to Know and Do

Falling organic traffic to your website does not mean SEO is redundant. On the contrary it is more important now than ever to focus on organic search

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direct booking podcast part 2

Simple Ideas and Steps to Improve your Direct Booking (Part 2)

We look at what happens when a booker visits your website, the biggest mistakes hotels make and simple tips to improve your chance of securing the booking?

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