man piling coins up shows how google pay per stay can add demand and revenue to hotels

Get Most out of Google Hotel Ads Without Wasting your Marketing Budget

Hotels who have not moved to Google Pay Per Stay (PPS) offering are missing huge opportunity to capture demand without risking their cash flow

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eye tracking automation to help retention on websites

CRM or How to Automate Most of your Retention Strategy and Direct Sales

Retention is key for your hotel. It’s helps build a long-term business model and acts as a firewall to reduce dependence on intermediation

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Revenue Management: What can Hotels Learn from Delta Airlines

Tips to Improve Revenue Management & Profitability During the Pandemic

Only by balancing artificial intelligence and human revenue management strategy can help a hotel survive, and thrive, in the post-COVID world

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like this chameleon on a twig hotels must adapt or die

Hotels, Tour Operators, Agencies : 2B or Not B2B in Pandemic Era??

The most successful Hotels were the ones that accepted the challenge and risked to fail, but still tried to continue business and not stop

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different sizes of burgers showing different fillings like different attributes of a hotel room

Using an Attribute Based Selling Approach in Your Upsell Strategy

There are many ways to apply the forward thinking principles of attribute based selling through different channels for example, upselling

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telescope by the seafront increasing market visibility

Effective Tools to Increase Visibility When Using Booking

Almost all hotels in the world are live on the channel, and for sure visibility to potential customers is greater than that of most websites

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google logo with speedometer behind it

Which Google Services Are Right for My Hotel?

If you are one of the many hotels that has changed their policy to offer free cancellations, Book on Google provides a way to promote this

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video thumbnail of discussion with cogwheel marketing about metasearch

Are Branded Hotels Wasting Money on Metasearch Right Now?

We discuss why in this current climate and changing guest profile, metasearch is just a channel shift and not producing incremental revenue

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women runner looking forward and preparing in much the same way a hotel must look to future data to help set their revenue management strategy

Ready for Recovery? Your Direct Booking Action Plan

Giving guests, potential guests, and website visitors innovative incentives needed to encourage them to make a direct booking is imperative

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hotel meetings and event space

Hotel M&E: Changing World, Creative Ideas, Ancillary Revenue…..Really?

We question whether meetings, groups and event revenue should still be considered ancillary revenue when a substantial part of a hotels income

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