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person with keyboard and graphs reflecting the power ai first business intelligence and analytics technology can have on hotel operations

Unleash the Power of AI-First Business Intelligence and Analytics

In this era of endless digital progression, the ability to leverage AI and data is a game-changer. And hotel executives possess the power to change the game

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10 Ways to Engage Your Followers on Instagram

Instagram’s Hidden Formula: Top Tips for Ranking Success

Summer last year the head of Instagram shared the first insight into how the various algorithms actually works. We’ve unraveled the intricacies

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rocks balanced on each other reflecting the end of ota rate parity

The End of OTA Rate Parity

We add supplements to BAR rates to ensure OTA’s are higher and then they use their commission and buying power to ensure they have the best rate

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woman and robots in front of computers reflecting the question of whether automated response tools increase guest satisfaction

Do Automated Response Tools Really Increase Guest Satisfaction?

With these considerations in mind, the challenge lies in harnessing the benefits of automation without neglecting authentic guest communication

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two guests at a hotel with a luggage trolley reflecting the importance of service levels to help boost revenue

6 Tips to Boost Revenue Through Improved Service Levels

Optimising your service standards is a highly effective way to make your property stand out from the online competition and boost overall profitability

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sign post saying same old way or something new reflecting the need for hotels to flip the script and understand how to maximize hotel revenue

Flipping the Script: The Truth About Maximizing Hotel Revenue

True revenue success lies in mastering the art of yield management – a strategic approach that goes beyond mere occupancy numbers

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people with speech bubbles above their heads with stars inside reflecting guest hotel reviews and the potential impact on hotel revenue management strategies

How Do Guest Reviews Impact Revenue Management Strategies?

By understanding the influence of guest reviews on booking decisions hoteliers can maximize revenue potential and maintain a competitive edge in the market

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broken piggy bank reflecting hotels need to evaluate their metasearch budgets as a response to google removing cpa bidding

Rethinking Metasearch Budgets After Google Removes CPA Bidding

Hoteliers might consider funds that were previously allocated to areas with low return which could be redirected towards high return metasearch advertising

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hand on computer mouse overlayed with a dollar image reflecting importance for hotels to look beyond ROAS purely to measure the success of a marketing campaign

Hotels Shouldn’t Rely on ROAS to Measure Campaign Success

Maximizing ROAS while ignoring other metrics can lead to a marketing strategy overly focused on lower-funnel tactics at the expense of other audiences

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smiling guest at check-out reflecting the importance of this last interaction with the guest to reinforce a good experience and improve hotel reputation

Boost Your Hotel Performance with a Guest-Centered Strategy

If you are not yet employing a guest-centric strategy, perhaps now is a good time to start. Here are 8 ways to tailor services to your guest preferences

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