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topline video image rm and dos butt heads around hotel group business

Hotel Group Business: Where the RM and DoS Butt Heads Unnecessarily

In this discussion we look at one simple area where a hotel property DoS and a Revenue Manager can butt heads where it really isn’t necessary

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cogs in shape of human face reflecting how hotels can supplement and support their revenue manager with a good rms technology

Top 5 Things to Consider When Investing in an RMS

Especially in the current market, a powerful RMS can make the difference between missing wave after wave of demand versus riding every wave to the beach

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words about data under a window ledge

A New Age of Hotel Management: Digital Collaboration Powered by Data

Strategic roles like finance, revenue management, marketing, and others require more data driven decision making than hands-on experience at the property

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heart made up of data showing the importance of clean data

Data is Like Gold For Hotel Marketers But Only If It’s Clean Data

Clean data is pivotal in driving higher engagement and revenue by allowing you to create personalized communications that speak directly to each hotel guest

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person sitting near an old piece of technology reflecting how an rms could help staffing issues

With Staffing a Major Issue Right Now, How Can RMS Technology Help?

The answer to the question “Can an RMS help my recruitment woes?” is clearly no, but if you look from a different angle, the answer could be a definite yes

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Lybra Destinations Search Data Trentino

Drop in Searches For Destinations in Trentino, Decisive For Low Season

After a promising beginning of August, the pressure of demand for destinations in Trentino-Alto Adige collapsed during the first week of September

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increasing coins under monopoly hotel pieces shwoing hotel adr can be recovered post pandemic

Restoring Your ADR Post Crisis

Trying to figure out how to best build up your ADR after the crisis? Don’t worry, it might be a matter that is out of your hands more than you think

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email icon of tablet with finger clicking on it reflecting the importance of email subject lines to increase conversion

How to Create Email Subject Lines That Convert

Without a strong subject line, emails don’t get opened. And unopened emails have no chance for conversion. Of course, that’s all easier said than done

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pins in map of europe showing impact of direct channel travel search in dach region

DACH Hotel Direct Channel Trends in 2021

To help hotels understand the current direct channel scene, we have prepared a direct channel analysis for the DACH region, comparing hotel performance

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left brain and right brain coming together like revenue management and marketing working together in hotels

7 Ways Revenue and Marketing Can Come Together Under One Roof

From fostering demand to nurturing loyalty, your marketing strategy should sit at the core of your revenue management strategy

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