map europe with pins to show travel demand

The Impact of Easing Travel Restrictions on the European Travel Industry

Travelers across the world seem confident about the future of travel, but how the recovery plays out depends on specific regulations in country of origin

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revenue management consultancy why major branded hotels should consider it video thumbnail image

Should Major Brand Hotels Consider External Revenue Management Consultancy?

Welcome to another Expert Insights discussion Today we are joined by 3 guests: 🔹 LaToya Elam – General Manager at Homewood SuitesAtlanta-Alpharetta, Georgia🔹 Connor Vanderholm – Co-Founder at Topline Revenue🔹 […]

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algorithms and view through a key hole indicative of revenue managers needing to look forward

Simplify with Tech – Best Strategy for Revenue Managers 2021

Revenue Managers have the reputation for working with number focused, unwieldy reports. Those can be hard to follow for department heads less familiar

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cake layers like tiers of a hotel marketing plan

Tiered Marketing Approach to Hotel Recovery

A tiered marketing plan will guide what you should be doing now, then when there are positive signals demand is returning, have that plan ready

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social media icons on a mobile or tablet

10 Ways to Enhance Your Hotel Social Media Presence in 2021

First, we want to make sure that your social media foundation is stronger than ever and then show you a few tactics to truly outperform in the year ahead

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black and white picture of man sitting next to technology depcting how a hotel is slow to invest in pricing technology

Reflections from 2020: The Rise of Automated Pricing

While data is the oxygen that is going to fuel better pricing decisions the question still remains, will human decision-making triumph over machines

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dice representing gamification as a new concept in hotel loyalty and engagement leading to greater revenue

Gamification: Offering Guests an Interactive and Engaging Experience

Whilst a relatively new concept, gamification could be a powerful tool in raising guest loyalty, boosting website traffic, and increasing engagement

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fluid movement reflects hotel dynamic pricing

Why IKEA Just Made a Solid Case for Hotel Dynamic Pricing

Hoteliers getting into room dynamic pricing can go a step further. It’s about hoteliers taking steps toward embracing the idea of flexibility

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yellow door amongst white dorrs reflecting reduced capacity at hotels opening during covid

Capacity Constraints: Managing in a COVID-19 World

Understanding your unconstrained demand together with your yieldable capacity is necessary to make the best pricing and inventory management decisions

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empty dilapidated hotel due to no guest demand

Is Hotel Distribution Winning the Battle to Capture Demand in New Normal

For hotels reviewing their approach to capturing demand in 2021, accessing up to date data from across their hotel will provide a competitive advantage

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