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thumbnail image for franco grasso revenue team article about why an rms will never replace human revenue managers

Why an RMS Will Never Replace Human Revenue Managers

Just as search engines evolved thanks to software engineers, the predictions of an RMS develop based on the understanding of data revenue manager’s input

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person looking at google map for travel directions which could provide an advertising route for a hotel

Map Advertisements: Should Hotels be Using Them?

The exciting thing about both and Waze map Ads is you can choose your budget. If you want more impressions and clicks, raise your budget based on results

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different colour casino poker chips reflecting different hotel distribution channels and technology needs

How to Build the Ultimate Distribution Technology Strategy for a Casino Resort

The biggest winners in the casino resort market are those that reduce customer effort while delivering the best experience both digitally and in person

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graphs which could reflect different pricing amongst a hotel's competitors

Are You Pricing Based On Your Competitor’s Actual Rates?

To effectively shape your pricing strategy and make informed rate decisions, you need to ensure you compare the true amount a customer will be paying

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hurdles reflecting the self inflicted challenges for hotels to convert direct sales

Three Hurdles to Direct Sales

Reducing or simply eliminating these hurdles should be your number one priority, as it will increase the volume and profitability of your direct sales

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3 people working in a hybrid hotel demonstrates the varied inventory needs required to respond to demand

How Hybrids & Hostels Can Rapidly Shift Inventory For Changes in Demand

Hybrids face unique challenges that include complexity of different inventory types in the same building but they also have particularly demanding customers

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price optimisation what why how demo time atomize interview youtube thumbnail

Price Optimisation: The What, The Why and The How

We explore factors influencing price optimisation, number of calculations involved, why you can’t optimize without some technology and resistance to engage

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dilapidated hotel reflecting need for hotels to start focusing more on guest experience as key differentiator

Guest Experience Will Be Key: Loyalty Doesn’t Mean Loyal Anymore

The guest experience needs to be good, and consistent, across all channels, from website to the app, the booking experience and on-property experience

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Is Hotel Revenue Making It to the Bank Revenue Hub YouTube Video Thumbnail

Is The Hotel Revenue You Generated Making it to The Bank?

We look at common risks which may be hampering the journey of your hotel revenue through to the bank, ways to resolve these and how to continually improve

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lightbulb with image of a brain inside reflecting the need for hotels to understand and make the most of their demand data

Understand And Make The Most of Your Demand Data

When analysing direct sales, don’t overlook the booking request data you receive, both the total requests and the requests you’re unable to fulfil

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