yellow lego piece amongst stormtrooper lego pieces showing impact of personalization

The Gold List 2020 Hotels Embracing Digital Personalization

Travelers today are looking for personalized guest experiences. But how many hotels understand the essence of personalizing the guest journey?

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money with rope ties in a knot around it indicating hotel budgeting under pressure

Hotels Need to Guard Against Aggressive Country Rates Campaigns

OTAs choose which POS to show and will ensure the rates do not appear on the local POS where they know the revenue manager resides and works

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monopoly hotels on piles of coins which are increasing in size to illustrate increasing revenue for hotel recovery

Definitive Covid Recovery Guide for Key Hotel Departments

Here is a collection of tips from seasoned hotel professionals which address four major departments that will be crucial during rebound phase

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person using metasearch site to research flight and hotel options

Why You Should Not Invest in Metasearch Right Now

Even if you leverage metasearch to drive direct bookings on your website, are they the type of customer to come back again and again? Nope!

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Does Current Education & Training Support Revenue Manager Evolution

In this video we look at Revenue Management from the viewpoint of Education, Training Investment and Mentorship

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Your Revenue Management Checklist

Don’t Have an RMS? Easy To Follow Daily Revenue Management Check List

Have a ‘stay strong revenue strategy’ and please look at the tools that can help you do a better job – an RMS is a great place to start

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tracks show different channel of train distribution routes

Distribution Management in a Pandemic

Hotels must go beyond simple distribution and try every option to “engage the customer” and convert them on your hotel/brand/loyalty site

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social media icons on a mobile or tablet

Uncovering the Formula to Social Media Success: Melia Hotels

Keeping up with the ever-changing digital landscape, the brand never ceases to reach new heights with their social media communication

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book with marketing terms like content and seo

Refining and Refreshing Your SEO Strategy For Changing Behaviours

If you go through the steps to check up on these areas, you’ll ensure you have a good foundation for your ongoing seo programs

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maslows needs when considering asian traveller buying motives

Don’t Forget Maslow When Considering Asian Traveller Buying Motives

We look how Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs helps us understand what is important in these times when considering Asian traveller buying motives

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