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heart on a keyboard reflecting the importance of setting your hotel apart using innovative direct booking perks to increase conversion rates

Setting Your Hotel Apart: Innovative Direct Booking Perks

By embracing forward-thinking direct booking perks, hotels can create an experience that resonates with the diverse preferences of their guests

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images of hotels on the hopper app reflecting why hotels should consider it as a legit source for reviews

Hopper Reviews: Is it Legit for Hotels?

Hopper hotel reviews are presented as ‘user ratings’ and your hotel is shown to all Hopper users who are searching for accommodation in your area

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Black Friday frenzy can be overwhelming for hotel marketeers

A Complete Timeline for Your 2023 Black Friday Campaign

Black Friday has the potential to overwhelm, so let’s walk through every step of the way to a successful hotel direct channel strategy! 

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christmas gift reflecting the increase revenue hotels can gain with some quick wins to increase holiday bookings on their website

Quick Wins to Increase Holiday Bookings on your Hotel Website

There are extra steps hoteliers can take to maximize holiday bookings and make sure their marketing efforts hit the right notes

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mechanical figure in the thinkers pose pondering should hotel pricing be automated or not automated and some of the myths around revenue management technology

Myths About Revenue Management Technology

We focus on the five commonly held myths about revenue management technology and why you don’t need to worry

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letters spelling out the word pricing highlighting the evolution of revenue management and the potential for hoteliers of adopting a value added pricing strategy

What is Value Added Pricing in Hotels? Examples and Strategy

Hotel A has been doing the same thing for decades. Hotel B is new and looking to earn more with a value added pricing strategy

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hedges in shapes of houses with leaves changing colours reflecting the seasons of the year and how adopting year round revenue management brings record profitability to hotels

Year-Round Revenue Management Brings Record Profitability to Hotels

Here are six common pricing mistakes hotels make when they don’t rely on revenue management to guide their profitability

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money and a stopwatch reflecting increase of buy now pay later in the hospitality industry

Exploring Buy Now, Pay Later to Boost Hotel Direct Bookings

In the hospitality industry, the Buy Now Pay Later payment method is a game-changer. It’s reshaping the way guests experience hospitality

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sign showing rooms available reflecting importance for small hotels to really focus on effective revenue strategies

15 Tips for Small Hotels to Increase Revenue

There are a lot of strategies that can be used to increase hotel revenue – but it’s important to be focused and committed to the plans you make

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data sets and charts reflecting importance of a data driven hotel action plans for hotel digital marketing

How Hotels Can Use Big Data for Better Digital Marketing Action Plans

Many hotel companies spend far too much time aggregating data and not enough time creating digital marketing action plans from the analysis

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