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quiet airport terminal reflecting impact of business travel decline

The Future of Business Travel And Its Impact

Hotels must act now and adapt to the new situation. Eventually, business travel will also surpass that of pre-Covid, but that will take a good while longer

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man looking in despair reflecting on staffing impact on the hotel industry

Understaffing: How Your Hotel Can Thrive Despite This Challenge

Staff shortages can negatively affect a hotel in many ways. Once the guest experience suffers, a hotel’s reputation will begin to decline as well

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bright light bulb with a group of people, possibly revenue managers, in a blurred background

What Revenue Managers Need to Know in The Year Ahead

As 2022 signals continued uneven demand, teams must align on one shared objective: optimize revenue and profit across the whole operation

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algorithms and view through a key hole indicative of hotels needing to look forward and optimize distribution and marketing

Get to Grips with New Markets Through Optimized Distribution and Marketing

Getting to grips with new feeder markets through targeted marketing and optimizing distribution will achieve sustained revenue and profit improvement

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video thumbnail of coffee time chat with javier delgado of mirai about the need for hotels to evolve fast or suffer in the future

Hotels Must Evolve Fast – It Will Be a Tough Future Otherwise

We touch on a number of topics with a mood of optimism that travel will return, whilst realising hotels can be short-sighted and have short memories

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the word email spelt out in letters

Email Design Trends Ready To Take Over 2022

Every part of your email, from the colours and images you use to the way your content is laid out, becomes part of that brand story

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video thumbnail image of coffee time chat with pontus and veit at berner+becker about business travel in german market

State of Business Travel in German Market and What Future Might Hold

We discuss the current situation regarding business travel in the German market. We look at which destinations are holding up and which are still challenging

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mirai article image about making your Eco-Sustainable Hotel Stand Out on Google and

Make Your Eco-Sustainable Hotel Stand Out on Google and

Since the end of summer 2021, Google has begun to identify eco-sustainable hotels and Google Travel users can already see information about these hotels

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lybra article image about Most Significant Causes for Decreasing Travel Demand in Europe

Most Significant Cause for Decreasing Travel Demand in Europe

Although Europe is suffering from the new wave of contagion, tourist demand in each European country shows sudden drops in travel intentions

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4 glass jars filling up with coins reflecting how hotels need to review pricing

Considerations When Setting Your Room Upgrade Pricing

So why would hoteliers set a narrow range? With no previous experience in yielded upgrade pricing, hoteliers tend to worry about discounting too much

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