hotel breakeven video thumbnail to evaluate revenue strategies

Using Hotel Breakeven to Evaluate Recovery Revenue Strategies (Pt2)

We look at cost implications and revenue opportunities these create and how, by understanding breakeven and modelling, you can see if they are profitable

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dice representing gamification as a new concept in hotel loyalty and engagement leading to greater revenue

Rejuvenate Your Revenue Strategy for 2021 and Beyond

Behavioural insights reveal the revenue potential of each guest, whether they stay a night or not. This precision enables you to optimize total guest spend

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mediteranean travel destination

Mediterranean: What Summer Destinations are Tourists Looking At?

The Mediterranean countries, which together used to attract a third of the world’s tourists, are trying to revive the industry but not everyone is committed

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Hotel Breakeven Video Thumbnail

Understanding Hotel Breakeven Helps Revenue Recovery Strategies (Pt1)

In this episode we touch on Hotel Breakeven, what it is, why it’s important and how can it help you model revenue strategies as we plan for the recovery

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booking rateintelligence tool

Booking’s Sponsored Benefit is Just Discount for Advance Payment

The “Booking Sponsored Benefit” is nothing else but “discount for advance payment” which is applied to the customer when the following conditions are met:

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google written in large letters

Free Booking Links in Google Hotel Ads, What Does it Actually Mean?

Google is putting a strong emphasis on enhancing search for hotels to not only improve user experience, but give advertisers more campaign optimizations

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person using laptop to access email

Stay Out of Spam: Email Deliverability Guide for Hotel Marketers

What’s the point of executing your email marketing strategy if none of your emails find their way to the inbox? That’s where email deliverability comes in!

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beonprice price fairness and customer lifetime value part 2 thumbnail

Customer Lifetime Value: How Does Price Fairness and Price Identity Fit In? (Pt 2)

In Part 2 we look at how Price Fairness and Price Identity feeds into Customer Lifetime Value. We also take a moment to reflect on the Covid situation

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video thumbnail for discussion on price fairness and price identity

Price Fairness and Price Identity: What Is It and Why Is It Important? (Pt 1)

In part 1 we talk about two topics – price fairness and price identity. In part 2 we will look at how these two elements feed into Customer Lifetime Value

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map europe with pins to show travel demand

The Impact of Easing Travel Restrictions on the European Travel Industry

Travelers across the world seem confident about the future of travel, but how the recovery plays out depends on specific regulations in country of origin

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