personalized loyalty schemes

Visioning the post-COVID era in CRM & Loyalty

We may not know the answers. But one thing is certain: the fundamentals of loyalty remain the same. It is all about rewarding our best guests

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Revenue managers looking at data to work out their strategy

Revenue Managers Will Need To Master Their Data In The Post-COVID World

Today’s revenue managers needs to have a granular understanding of their guests, which feeder markets they are in, what influences their booking decisions

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two people reviewing hotel performance kpis

The Most Important KPIs for Hotels in 2021

When we look at isolated metrics and KPIs, we are only looking at one piece of a puzzle. The concept of leading and lagging indicators can help

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thumbnail for video on forward looking data in the hotel industry

Forward Looking Data: Lighting the Way Ahead or Just a Shiny Distraction?

In this video we ask what is Forward Looking Data and how far forward are we looking? Is it the Holy Grail or a just shiny new distraction?

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google pay per stay is a new option to help global hotels as they rebound

Pay per Stay; Is it the Right Model for my Hotel?

In Pay per Stay it is worth noting that Google do all the heavy lifting, the cost of management is dramatically lower than a PPC campaign

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Navigating Uncertainty: Meeting & Event Sales and Revenue Management

Navigating Uncertainty: Meeting & Event Sales and Revenue Management

Today we are joined by: 🔹 Niki Van den Broeck – Manager of Business Development at Get Into MoRe In today’s video we discuss elements of a whitepaper Get Into […]

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wooden floor with word upsell spelt out like a hotel upselling offers

The Anatomy of a Successful Upsell Deal

Before you start optimising your deals, they need a solid foundation. Your upsell deal needs a bit of something for every type of guest

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hotel revenue management evolving to strategy is like adding pieces to a jigsaw puzzle

From Revenue Management to Revenue Survival to Revenue Strategy

It is accepted revenue management can stimulate or restrict demand way further up the funnel, because revenue managers can use available data

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telescope by the seafront increasing market visibility

Easy Wins You Gain with Hotel Market Intelligence

The next step is graduating to more in-depth market analysis to help recognize demand drivers and monitor macro markets in your area

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video thumbnail for why so little testing in revenue management whitepaper interview

Why So Little Testing of Revenue Management Strategies in Hotels?

In today’s video we discuss with our 3 guests why there is so little testing of revenue management strategies in the hospitality industry

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