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question marks reflecting hotels revenue management and digital marketing trends

Are Assumptions Holding Back Your Revenue Management?

It is easy to fall into assumptions. It is human nature, after all, but when do assumptions on revenue management start to work against you

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increasing coins under monopoly hotel pieces reflecting importance of a successful hotel overbooking strategy

Successfully Overbooking Your Hotel And Why It’s Important

A hotel that doesn’t apply overbooking is losing a big chunk of profitable revenue, especially with the highest BAR rates usually being sold last

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sign post saying same old way or sometghin new reflecting how hotels need to review the way they benchmark their website performance

Hotel Website Performance: Just Look at Your Own or Competitors Too?

Looking at a hotel’s direct channel website performance in isolation can lead to mediocre results and may not give you the best picture of the business

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people holding up happy faces reflecting importance to a hotel of guest satisfaction

6 Ways to Measure Guest Satisfaction (+ Examples)

Guest satisfaction is an key indicator for hotels. High guest satisfaction leads to increased customer retention rates, minimizing acquisition costs

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train tracks reflecting different channels for hotel distribution but it requires a strategy

Hotel Distribution Strategy From The Inside Out

The hotel distribution landscape is as dynamic as ever. Success in this ever-changing environment requires responsiveness and swift action

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Hotel Sector Post Pandemic: More Financial Headwinds Ahead? Revenue Hub Article Thumbnail

Hotel Sector Post Pandemic: More Financial Headwinds Ahead?

We talk with Dr Don about how the hotel industry looks post pandemic, the current cost of living crisis, impact on travel this summer and perceived value

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lybra UK and US tourist destinations article thumbnail

UK & US Tourist: Everyone Wants Them, But Where Will They Go?

European tourist destinations are the ones craving most for British and Americans and they are trying to glean as much market information as possible

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The first decision hotels should make is withdrawing from the “Payments by” program. Our bet, however, is Booking will make it mandatory

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RevMarketing Automation Userguest YouTube Thumbnail

RevMarketing Automation (RMA): The Missing Link Between Revenue & Marketing

RevMarketing Automation (RMA): What is it, Why is it important, How can it bring together the revenue and marketing teams, and what problem does it solve?

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2 sun loungers beside a hotel pool reflecting facilities that can be used on the hotel website to elevate the booking performance

Creative Ways to Elevate Your Hotel Website Performance

Benchmarking your hotel against your competitors is one of the most important tools in developing a robust direct channel strategy

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