3 Tips & Tricks to Build Your Independent Hotel Brand

Brand marketing is one of the most beneficial types of marketing your hotel can use. To the public, your hotel’s brand is your hotel’s identity. A strong brand is vital for encouraging direct bookings, along with dozens of other benefits. We’ll give you three useful tips and tricks for building your hotel’s brand.

Good branding means that, when a potential guest hears the name of your hotel, that name instantly conjures up that guest’s perceptions and experiences of your hotel.

When you think of Marriott, for example, what do you think of? You probably think of that red M, a property you might have stayed in, and maybe their rewards program. You have these associations because they’re an internationally recognized brand that you’ve come into some form of contact with.

When your brand is recognized, guests are more likely to book your hotel – and book it directly – over an unknown.

Branding allows you to drive more direct bookings, compete more strongly against competitors on OTAs, and take control of your message and your online presence.

We’ll be covering 3 tips and tricks to build your hotel’s brand:

  1. Creating a strong visual brand identity
  2. Bidding on your own brand terms
  3. Embracing word-of-mouth

Why is Branding So Important?

Branding creates a kind of shorthand for your hotel in a customer’s mind. They don’t have to do the kind of research they would for an unknown hotel, because they already know your reputation, have a general idea of what you offer, know whether guests see you positively or negatively, and much more.

This notoriety can prompt guests, when given a choice between your hotel and one they don’t recognize, to automatically choose you.

Think of it as making your hotel a recognizable, friendly face in the crowd.

Branding also influences repeat business, as “a customer’s perception of a brand is going to be largely informed by their previous experiences with that brand.”

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